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You probably strive to be a responsible air conditioner owner, and if you do, then you’ve probably noticed how your hard work pays off. Changing your air filters, keeping debris away from your outdoor unit, and performing other simple routine tasks can help your system run much more efficiently than it would otherwise, and translate into real rewards for you when you see how much it saves you on utility bills. However, there’s one important part of air conditioner maintenance that too many owners take for granted and allow to fall by the wayside: duct cleaning services. Make sure you learn about the importance of this procedure and how to choose professionals who can do it properly if you truly want to make the most of your HVAC system.

Frequently Asked Questions about Duct Cleaning Services

 duct cleaning services

We’ve helped a lot of clients over the years, so we’re quite used to some of the more common inquiries about duct cleaning services. In the spirit of sharing our knowledge with you, we’d like to provide you with the answers to some of the most frequent questions we’ve been asked. Keep reading and learn all kinds of useful information you can use to make sure your ducts are always well treated.

  • Can I perform duct cleaning services myself?

To tell you the truth, we can’t recommend that you attempt to clean your ducts by yourself. Ductwork is typically difficult to access and depending on how much exists in your building it can be a big job to clean all of it thoroughly. Besides, there’s always the risk that you might miss a spot—and even one dirty area left untreated for too long can result in a buildup of unwanted material that can eventually clog up your ducts and impact your air conditioner’s efficiency.

Instead of attempting to clean your ducts by yourself, we strongly suggest that you trust professionals with this necessary task. Pros with plenty of experience will know exactly how the type of ductwork in your building needs to be cleaned and can take care of the necessary work efficiently.

  • How often should I arrange for professional duct cleaning?

The standard recommendation for duct cleaning is to do it every two to five years. It’s not something you need to do more frequently than that unless you know you have foreign matter in your ducts that demands immediate attention. Knowing that you have years between duct cleaning (in most cases) allows you to set aside the money required for the procedure and ensure that you’ll be able to have it done when it’s needed.

Some areas may require duct cleaning more frequently than others. Elevation is a key factor in determining how often you should have your ducts cleaned. Homes in mountainous regions are surrounded by thinner air, which means that more particles may make it past your filters and into your ductwork. For that reason, it is recommended that homes and businesses at high altitudes have their ducts cleaned more frequently than those in coastal regions.

Dust Mites in your HVAC Ducts

  • What if I don’t have my ducts cleaned?

You might not understand why duct cleaning is so important—after all, what harm could a little debris in your ducts cause? The answer, it turns out, is actually quite a lot. That’s because the treated air in your HVAC must flow through your ducts to reach any of the rooms in your house. Anything it encounters along the way is going to have an impact.

Even a small amount of debris can affect the quality (not to mention the smell) of the air that moves through your ductwork and into your home, but the real problems begin to occur when the debris forms a clog and prevents airflow in the system entirely. Debris can cause major components such as your compressor to fail quickly, requiring hundreds or even thousands of dollars in repair costs and preventing owners from using their systems in the meantime. Don’t take the risk—have your ducts cleaned as recommended by your contractor.

  • Who should I hire for Duct Cleaning Services?

When you’re choosing a contractor to clean your ducts, it’s necessary that you choose someone with a valid license. Licensed contractors have passed tests and put down serious money to be where they are. They don’t take a casual approach to their work because they can’t afford to do so. They’ve invested too much time and too many other resources in their work to give it anything but their best. In California, all HVAC work costing more than $500 must be performed by a contractor with a valid C-20 license.

The duct cleaning services you invest in will go a long way to keeping your HVAC healthy and allowing you to achieve comfort whenever you need it. Keep this guide handy and use it to assuage your curiosity about duct cleaning so you can always make the right choices.

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