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If you’ve been having problems with your air conditioner and felt your wallet getting slightly thinner, you might take heart in reading on.

Quick, Affordable Fixes for Common AC Issues 

Although problems like limited airflow and leaky ducts can be annoying, they’re not insurmountable challenges. More importantly, a technician can come into your home or place of business for quick AC repair by, for instance, making sure your refrigerant charge links up with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Sometimes a little know-how by a technician can save you a ton of time and money. We’ve all been in this spot – it’s hot outside and your air conditioner suddenly fails. Just knowing that your compressor flipped off on a hot day could tell a technician to check your high-pressure limit switch for issues.

Your technician would then simply check out the access panel on your compressor for any problems and get you up and going – probably within the hour. This goes to illustrate how quick and easy (and affordable!) some forms of AC repair can be.

AC Repair: Dirty Filters and Corroded Coils 

We get that running a business is hard work, and that keeping your customers and staff comfortable is hugely important. It can be frustrating, then, when your air conditioner isn’t working quite as efficiently as when you purchased it.

This might be because an interior filter or AC coil has become slightly corroded over time. While this isn’t cause for alarm, dirty filters and corroding coils do put undue stress on your AC’s compressor and internal fans.

Left unaddressed, grime and dirty coils could result in your compressor conking out before its time.

AC Repair: Misaligned Condensate Drains and Thermostat Sensors 

These next two issues that we’re going to look at, like the previous ones, can create problems if left unaddressed but are relatively uncomplicated in themselves.

Level Mounting 

You probably already know that an air conditioner works, in part, by removing some of the ambient moisture or humidity to make the room more comfortable. Well, an issue that can crop up when a condensate drain is misaligned or clogged is that the room doesn’t get cool as easily and your AC may start behaving wonkily.

Checking to ensure that a unit is mounted levelly is one of the first things that an AC service technician does when he comes to your home.

Out-of-position Sensor 

The second problem that frequently comes up during commercial and residential service calls is an out-of-position thermostat sensor. When working properly your thermostat censor provides an ongoing gauge on the air temperature hitting the evaporator coil.

Instead of being near the evaporator coil, sometimes the censor actually rests on the coil  itself and provides an inaccurate reading. This might sound like a trivial issue but it actually causes your air conditioner to act erratically and ultimately underperform.

This one’s a quick fix for any technician who knows how to twist the sensor’s wire back into position so that it can provide a more accurate reading.

Affordable Mechanical and Operational Fixes 

So far we’ve walked through a few problems that mostly relate to mechanical AC failures (e.g., dirty filters and misaligned sensors). All of these have quick and affordable fixes for a trained AC repair specialist.

That said, sometimes an AC doesn’t perform at its best because of an error in operation. Make sure to close all of your home’s or office’s windows while your air conditioner is in use to manage humidity levels and keep your rooms comfortably.

For more help, contact one of our licensed staff members today to schedule an appointment. Your comfort is worth it.