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Valley Comfort Heating and Air FAQs

We offer a wide range of expert HVAC services and professional products. Client’s often have questions about how things work and what to expect. We have collected a few of our most frequently asked questions and answered them for you here. If you still have questions, please call us anytime.

Q: Why do you primarily use Bryant HVAC systems and products?

A: “Bryant is one of the top five heating and air conditioning manufacturers in the United States. They produce very reliable and durable products. Focusing on Bryant makes us experts on their systems and allows us to carry a full line of products. Also, because we carry a full range of their products on our trucks we can save you money by avoiding extra service calls and ordering delays. However, our expert technicians can service any HVAC system, Bryant or not.”

Q: Do I need to have my air ducts cleaned?

A: “Yes. Duct cleaning is essential for maintaining the air quality in your home or business. In general, we recommend having your ducts cleaned every time you have your HVAC system serviced. If you have asthma or allergies, you should have your system cleaned even more frequently.”

Q: Are your technicians professional and dependable?

A: “Absolutely. Each of our technicians is factory-trained and North American Technician Excellence (NATE)-certified, so you can be certain they’ll provide the necessary expertise to ensure professional and reliable service.”

Q: Is bigger better when it comes to heaters or air conditioning units?

A: “One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when purchasing heating or AC systems is oversizing them. Most people think bigger is better, but that’s simply not the case. Our expert technicians will help you determine what size is right for your needs.”

Q: Do you charge for an AC or Heating Unit repair diagnosis?

A: “Yes we charge for the diagnostic work. However if the problem turns out to be simple to diagnose and fix, we’ll only charge you for the parts and labor that are required for the repair.”

Q: Do you provide an HVAC replacement estimate for free?

A. “Yes, we do provide a free estimate for HVAC unit and system replacement.”

If you have additional questions, please call us anytime. Our experts are standing by and happy to help answer any questions you have about us, our products and services.
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