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We recently got the Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer award; thanks to our commitment to serving our HVAC customers in the best way we know. What it means to become a Bryant’s factory authorized dealer is that Bryant Corporation has tested us and found us worthy to deal their products and hold their esteemed title. The rigorous tests we had to pass included proving our technical and material capacity to handle HVAC tasks and equipment of any kind while treating our customers with the utmost regard.


What this title means

Unmatched customer satisfaction

Above and beyond installing or servicing our clients’ HVAC equipment, we strive to make their experience with us extremely satisfactory. One of the requirements of becoming a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer is handling clients’ requests promptly, dealing with warranty claims without delays or excuses, and guaranteeing customers and their property absolute safety. The only way we can guarantee safety, in addition to our expert technicians, is to have an insurance cover that would compensate any and all damages that may occur accidentally during our working with the client. We also give our clients several financial plans to choose for their HVAC works payment, and this adds to their satisfaction.


Outstanding legal status

Bryant Corporation is not just a brand, but a business that has excelled in its production of durable and reliable HVAC equipment, as well as complying with all laws of our land. It is in this respect that before any HVAC company can get the factory authorized dealership from Bryant Corporation, it must have clean records concerning its legal status. Bryant Corporation demands that all HVAC companies that apply for this prestigious title/ status be in possession of the necessary legal papers/ licenses.


EPA certified

HVAC equipment utilizes refrigerants to enhance their cooling capacity. Bryant Corporation expects HVAC companies to be environmentally sensitive by using safe products/ refrigerants that have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We already had the EPA certification by the time we applied for the Bryant Factory Authorized Dealership, proofing our commitment to environmental safety. This contributed to our getting Bryant’s approval to deal their products.

The prestigious title of being a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer is proof that the holder meets Bryant’s criteria for that title. The title, since it comes after an HVAC provider has proven his/ her technical expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, shows that that HVAC products and service provider can handle all HVAC tasks efficiently. Follow us for more articles on HVAC systems comfortable and efficient running.