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Here’s why boiler repair is necessary. A functioning boiler plays a major role in your family’s comfort and safety during the winter months. It is therefore important that you take boiler repair and maintenance seriously. Consider the following benefits of having your boiler repair and maintenance performed by professionals:

  • Lower Operating Costs Vintage mansion - a boiler room with containers and pipes
    A malfunctioning boiler will be prone to issues that could have been avoided if it had been repaired and maintained correctly. For example, if you have an accumulation of limescale, your technician may be able to alert you to it when maintaining the unit.  This allows you to take steps to prevent future problems. A boiler with lime scale buildup may overheat or become inefficient resulting in the unit’s failure.
  • Lower Energy Costs
    When a boiler is not working as it should, it will use more energy to do its job. A technician can test your boiler’s efficiency and find ways to make it more efficient. A boiler that is operating at peak efficiency will reduce your energy costs.
  • Safer Operation
    Boiler operation involves combustion. This means that boiler issues could pose a danger for your home and your family. Professional boiler repair and maintenance can ensure that your safety relief valve, low water cutoff controls and other safety components are functioning as they should.
  • Longer Usable Life
    Just as you have your vehicle inspected annually by a professional to ensure that it operates properly and has a long life, you want to have your boiler repaired and maintained regularly as well. This includes efficiency checks and the removal of scale and buildup.

The Consequences of DIY Boiler Repair

  • Connections Might be Loose
    Bad soldering work may result in loose connections. The result is that there will be leaks and they will likely get worse over time.
  • Bad Water Circulation
    If your boiler repair involves substandard piping, it can lead to heat loss. This is often because of poor planning with regard to the use of space. The result is that your boiler will have to work much harder to get to the right temperature.
  • Potential Gas Leaks
    This is arguably the most serious risk from amateur boiler repair. No one but a licensed heating contractor should ever be allowed to perform repairs on a natural gas boiler. Bad connections can lead to leaking carbon monoxide.Given your boiler’s crucial role in making your home comfortable, you should make sure to have it inspected and serviced by qualified HVAC professionals. In fact, it should be one of your top priorities with regard to home maintenance. Professional boiler repair and maintenance can ensure that your unit serves you well for many winters to come so contact us for free consultation.