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While most homeowners take for granted the water that comes out of their pipes, it is important to keep in mind that seasonal temperature changes can wreak havoc with these pipes. As temperatures drop any water trapped in the pipes will freeze. Of course, the freezing isn’t the only problem, the real culprit is the fact that as water freezes it also expands. With the expanding water, pressure is put on your home’s pipes and they will eventually break, crack or rupture.

Unfortunately, pipes that break can cause significant water damage, especially when left undetected. As part of any effective home utility maintenance plan, it is essential that you have not only your HVAC system, but also your pipes and other equipment inspected prior to the change of seasons. The change from summer heat to the freezing temperatures of winter can put your pipes at danger of bursting from the expansion of the freezing water. However, even as winter temperatures begin to warm up and the beginning of spring brings milder weather, it is imperative that you have your pipes checked by a professional. Small ruptures or leaks can mean water leakage that goes undetected until a significant amount of damage is done.

In addition to checking pipes for leaks, annual A/C maintenance can provide an effective way to protect your cooling equipment. This is also the best time to take care of any HVAC repairs so that you can be sure that you have the most dependable and energy efficient cooling throughout the hottest part of the year. Whether you are experiencing problems with your HVAC system or you are looking for the best HVAC troubleshooting tips, a professional HVAC contractor has the best solution. Protect your home and cooling equipment by giving your local HVAC contractor a call today and scheduling important AC maintenance.