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Advancement in technology has led to major changes in heating and cooling technology. Modern systems have more capabilities and functionalities as compared to traditional models that had only one or two features. Below are some of the advancements that you should know about when shopping for a new appliance in this niche if you haven’t done so over the last two or three years:

Higher Seer Rating

SEER rating refers to seasonal energy efficiency rating. Modern heating and cooling systems have exceptionally high SEER rating of up to 23 as compared to past models that had a rating of 10. Basically, a high rating means that the appliance is more efficient and so consumes less energy. When going shopping for an appliance, choose a unit that has a high rating. Even though the price might be a little bit high, it is worth the money considering the huge benefits that you will leap in the long run, especially due to massive reduction in energy consumption.

Modern Chillers

Traditional chillers had very low peak load efficiencies that would inconvenience manufacturing companies. Luckily, modern chillers have a high peak load efficiency that is approximately 25% higher than traditional models. Some of the advancements that have made this possible include change in operating controls and introduction of variable frequency drives.

Modern Boilers

The current condenser boilers have an operating efficiency of approximately 95%. This means that clients are able to enjoy maximum utility without necessarily spending a fortune on electricity. Other modern features include improved downturn operating, reducing repair and maintenance costs as well as high durability. The current boilers have the capacity to last for decades without requiring any repairs. Also, the new models are smaller in size hence more portable and reliable for small homes and businesses.

HVAC systems

One of the major advancements in HVAC systems is changes in maintenance. There are a number of modern diagnostic tools that you can use to determine performance level of the system and determine the most appropriate course of action to take if it’s faulty. Note that these machines require special attention for them to remain fully functional and efficient.

Technology has really redefined how heating systems work. Call us to learn more about the latest in HVAC technology.