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For businesses it is important that they hire the right commercial AC service provider.  The odds are that you will need to hire an HVAC professional to inspect or maintain your air conditioner at some point. Your AC is crucial for home comfort and is most likely one of the more expensive appliances in your home. In other words, you should ensure that any commercial AC service provider you hire is reliable and qualified. Consider the following tips when evaluating AC service providers:

Commercial AC Service Provider Tips

repairman engineer or inspector who check the system.

  • Tip #1

Your goal is to find an AC service provider with at least a few years of experience. A master HVAC technician will have several years of experience in programs that allow them to work with seasoned AC experts. In addition to the experience of the technician, look at their company’s experience. If a company has been in business for several years, it is likely that local homeowners trust them. Consider how long the company has been in business when making your decision.

  • Tip #2

Find out whether your HVAC contractor is licensed and insured. An AC service provider will have to undergo training and testing in order to earn a license. If your AC service provider is insured, this means that they have coverage in case something goes wrong. This is important if there is an accident that results in injury or property damage. You can find out whether a contractor is licensed or not by visiting the state licensing website. This will show which licenses are necessary and verify the license of an individual service provider.

  • Tip #3

Word of mouth is often a good way to find reliable service providers in any trade, including HVAC.  One option that you should consider is to ask your friends and family for referrals. People will often happily recommend service providers with whom they have had good experiences. When asking for referrals, find out about the type of work that the commercial AC service provider performed. This can help you to determine whether they would be ideal for your needs. In addition to referrals, ask the AC service provider for references. A competent HVAC company should be able to provide you with multiple solid references.

  • Tip #4

Your contractor should be willing to look at your system before providing you with an estimate. An inspection of the system can include looking for air leaks and checking your home’s insulation.

  • Tip #5

After your initial contact with the company, make sure that you communicate only in writing. Emails are often better than phone calls as they make it easier to keep track of communication. Keeping your correspondence in writing allows you to have a record of dates, labor and equipment costs along with deadlines. You should make sure that any contract you sign has this information as well.

Keep in mind that when dealing with expensive appliances like your HVAC system, price is not necessarily the most important consideration. This means that you may not want to go with the lowest bidder. Make sure that you contact a reliable and competent commercial AC service provider. Let Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning take care of all you HVAC needs.