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Every homeowner should have a little knowledge about how their HVAC system works. Knowing what to expect and how to rectify any issues that may arise will ensure you always have a unit that’s efficient. When under sever pressure and strain, your unit might malfunction and the only solution is to call a technician.  Let Valley Comfort heating and Air Conditioning do the job for you! Our expert team is highly skilled to tackle any HVAC repair problem.

Reasons Why HVAC Maintence May Be Required

hvac systemSome people like to test the strength of the HVAC unit by turning the thermostat extremely high.  When they do this however, it puts significant strain on the unit and this can damage the internal components of the system. The more frequent you practice this habit, the more repairs your HVAC system will need.  This can be quite costly therefore it is advisable that you maintain your temperature at about 65°F in the day and you can turn it down at bedtime.

Air filters gather dust over time and need to be changed at least once per month.  Several times our HVAC specialists have encountered units with air filters that are too congested causing the system not to work properly. In addition to this dusty air filters pose the threat of allergens becoming present in your home. This can be hazardous and can cause you to develop severe respiratory problems.  It is therefore recommended that you pay special attention to your unit’s air filters.

Schedule yearly maintenance checkups as part of your preventative maintenance regime. Just like any other industrious machinery, HVAC systems require routine maintenance in order to function at its best. Contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning and have our skilled team inspect and repair any faults your unit might have. Now that winter is upon us you can benefit from having a unit equipped to handle the harsh conditions.