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During the summer months, your AC system is one of the most important fixtures within your home or business. Without it, your indoor climate would be just as hot as — if not more hot than — the stifling outdoor air. That being said, your AC is a machine; like a car, a computer or any other machine, it will eventually need repairs to keep it running. However, since you aren’t an indoor heating and cooling expert, you may be wondering how to determine when an AC repair is needed. To help, we are going to discuss the three most common reasons to call for AC repair.

Your AC system isn’t doing its job

You have an AC in your home or business for one reason: to keep yourself and everyone else in the building cool as the outdoor climate heats up. If this isn’t happening, then your AC isn’t serving its intended purpose, so you need to call for an immediate AC repair to get it back in working order as soon as possible. You should be as preemptive about this as possible. For example, if it seems as though one room isn’t staying as cool as the rest of the building, then you should call for an AC repair service ASAP to stamp out the cause of this problem before it gets worse.

In some cases, an AC repair professional may discover that your AC is either beyond repair, or so badly worn down that you would need constant repairs to keep it running. In this case, a full AC replacement is your best option.

Your energy bill is way too high

Your AC system can be delivering a constant stream of cool, climate controlling air to your home or business, and still be on the fritz. This is because in some cases, a malfunctioning AC can continue to generate the same results that it would generate if it were in perfect condition — at a price (literally). That is because instead of rendering an AC totally inoperable, some AC damage or malfunctions will reduce its efficiency; reduced efficiency means that your AC will have to work harder to maintain your indoor climate. This extra work means more energy output; with more energy output comes more energy use, and ultimately a much higher energy bill.

The season is changing

You should have an AC repair service inspect your AC an repair it as necessary at the end of the summer and winter seasons. Here is why:

Why you need AC repairs at the end of summer

During the warmer seasons, your AC system will undergo a lot of stress. To make sure that this stress doesn’t continue to cause damage while it is off, have an indoor heating and cooling expert take a look at it and repair it as needed.

Why you need AC repairs at the end of winter

The freezing winter climate can cause all manner of problems for your AC system. While there is little that you can do to prevent these problems, you don’t want to deal with then on one of the hottest days of the year, when you will need your AC system the most. As such, you should have an AC professional inspect and repair your AC as soon as the frigid temperatures of winter fade away.

Don’t leave the safety and comfort your home or business’ indoor climate to chance

Being indoors on a hot day without a fully functioning AC is just as dangerous and uncomfortable as being outside. Don’t let this happen — get AC repairs done at the appropriate time.