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If you’re in need of AC repair service, then you want the most efficient possible service, because who wants to wait around in the sweltering heat or freezing cold while you wait for your heating and cooling system to be fixed. We’re sure that you don’t; that’s why we’re going to take a look at how your AC repair company’s HVAC van storage can affect your repair service.


1. Do you manage the climate in your van?

The answer to this question should be absolutely. Some AC replacement parts and equipment can get too hot or cold, rendering it unusable. With the right van configuration, your AC repair service can keep their parts and equipment at the right temperature at all times. They should be doing this through effective item spacing and proper storage of the van itself. Make sure that you get a detailed answer, because “yes” isn’t good enough. They should explain how their parts and equipment are well-spaced and protected from the climate via solutions like racks and lockers. After all you want to reap the best return on investment.

2. Do you use a professional trade van storage package installed in your HVAC van?

A professional trade van storage package is a must for any serous AC repair service. Here are the reasons why:

You can better manage the climate in your van

An HVAC van trade van storage package will include components specially designed to keep everything that it stores at a comfortable temperature.

You can bring everything that you need

If you see some of the bulky equipment that an AC repairman has to use, it can seem far-fetched for them to store everything in a single van. An HVAC van storage professional trade van storage package, though, will include racks and lockers that have the ability to optimize every inch of space in the van, so that your repairman can easily bring everything along.

It is much easier to find parts and equipment during an AC repair

You don’t want your AC repair service held up because your repairman can’t find a specific part in his van that he knows is around there somewhere. A professional trade van storage package includes organizing solutions that make it virtually impossible for your AC repair service to get things mixed up or lost.

HVAC parts and equipment won’t move around during a drive

How awful would it be for your AC repair service to arrive just in time, only to discover that a part you need is cracked wide open? A professional trade van storage package prevents everything from shifting around, no matter how bumpy the ride to your home or business is.

3. How often to you replenish the parts and equipment in your HVAC van?

If your AC repair service forgets to bring something that’s important for your repair, then you can throw any semblance of efficiency out of the window, because at the very least, they’ll have to turn around and make another trip between their facility and your home or business. In other words, they’ll be wasting your time! If the company isn’t regularly restocking their van – preferably every time they bring it back to their facilities – then you should think twice about working with them if getting an efficient repair service is a priority for you.

Effective van storage is a sign of quality service

When you contact us your AC repair expert, we’ll make sure to tell you about how our HVAC van storage is set up. This will significantly affect the efficiency of your van service, and is a great way to tell how well they’re able to serve your needs.