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Okay, you have detected that you have a problem with the way your air conditioner is running, and made the decision to call a repair service to see what can be done about it. You have presumably spoken to someone with some professional knowledge of air conditioners and told them about it, and they have perhaps made a recommendation as to what is going to be entailed. This has been confirmed, and a service person is making his way over to the house to hopefully fix the problem.
Is there anything you should do in preparation for the arrival of the repair man? This can carry a level of importance with it, because if you know a little about the current state of your system, you are, at the very least, going to have more information to tell the repair man.
Let’s mention a few of the things you should do, so that you can prevent wasting time during this process:
* Have the phone nearby, because you will likely be getting a call from the service man telling you that he is on his way, and if he gets no answer, he might assume no one is home.
* You should take a look at the air filter, because this is a simple thing for you to do, as well as an important thing, because you can’t afford to have it dirty.
* You should be able to clearly tell the repair man about the nature of your problem, and what kind of signs it was characterized by. Just saying, “There’s something wrong with the AC” isn’t helpful. Write things down if you have to.
* If you don’t know where everything having to do with your air conditioner is located, please find out so that you can tell the repair man about it.
* Keep the babies and the pets out of the way, because it doesn’t help anybody if they are, and besides, it could be dangerous.
* Do have all the permissions necessary to have this kind of work done? You may need to get it from the landlord, if you are renting.
* If you have any prior bills or any previous evidence of service on your system, see if you can have it ready for the repair person to take a look at.
* Clear out any area that might cause impediments to access.
We hope these suggestions might make your service call go a little bit smoother!