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Heating your home in an economically efficient manner throughout the winter is quite the challenge. Though it is possible to put the thermostat on 70 degrees, doing so is not necessary. Implement the heating strategies outlined below to keep your home nice and toasty this winter.

Close the Curtains and Blinds at Night

Leaving the heat on its normal daytime temperature throughout the night is not necessary. Instead, decrease the temperature, close the curtains/blinds throughout the house and snuggle in under the sheets for a comfortable night of sleep. Closing the curtains keeps the warm radiant energy that entered through the window glass during the day inside. It will also help prevent the cold draft from penetrating into the house.

Utilize Vent Covers

Ideally, you will place covers over the vents in the home’s foundation before the cold weather arrives. Such vents block out cold air so it does not flow under the home. These vents also help keep water pipes warm so they don’t freeze.

Add Layers to the Floor

Pick up a few area rugs for your home’s floors to keep them nice and cozy. The National Energy Foundation reports that floors that are not insulated cause upwards of 10 percent of the home’s total heat loss.

Cover the Walls and Front Door

Cover large portions of your home’s walls with pictures, mirrors, tapestries, posters, bookshelves and other items to significantly reduce energy loss. These items add extra layers for insulation. Doors also let cold air in during the winter. Prevent cold air from infiltrating the home by covering the door and the surrounding walls with a door curtain.

Tin Foil Isn’t Solely for Conspiracy Theorists!

It might seem a bit odd to apply tin foil to the rear of the home’s radiators. However, doing so will prevent home heat waste. The foil actually reflects heat right back into the home’s rooms instead of letting it slide on out through the walls. You can use the regular foil from your kitchen cupboard or pick up specially designed foil for residential heating purposes.

Don’t use the Bathroom and Kitchen Fans

Running a bathroom fan in the cold months actually pulls warm air out of the home. Avoid this and you are guaranteed warmer conditions in addition to applying all the other techniques listed.

Move the Furniture

Though positioning the living room chair or couch by the window will provide an excellent view, it will also worsens winter’s wrath. Sitting near the window causes radiant heat loss from the body to the window glass. Position your furniture away from the windows (especially the large ones) as well as the outside walls.

Regular Heating System Maintenance

Clean your home’s furnace filters on a regular basis throughout the heating season. Take a look at the manufacturer’s recommendations pertaining to the replacement of filters and abide by those instructions without exception.

Proper Insulation

Spending a bit of money on home insulation will save you plenty of money in the long run. Insulate the walls, ducts, attic and floors to prevent heat loss. If there are any cracks or gaps along doors or windows, block them to keep the cold air out.

Check for air Duct Leaks

If your home has forced air ducts, have a HVAC technician check them for leaks. Once these leaks are repaired and sealed, it will be much easier to heat the home to your desired temperature.

Sweat the Small Stuff This Winter

Follow the home heating tips outlined above and you’ll find that your home stays nice and warm while your heating bills decrease. These ideas won’t take too much time or effort yet they will make a considerable impact on your home’s comfort level. Contact us at Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for additional heating information and products.