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Ductless mini split systems are growing in popularity and are starting to be seen more and more. They are perfect for home or office and they provide the convenience of not having to deal with a duct system. Traditional AC units require a duct system and the air travels through the ducts and then to your home via the vent. These ductless systems do not require any ducts or ductwork and they are perfect for everyone. The systems can benefit any home owner’s home and have an impact on the home as well. 

Duct systems in general can cause a person to lose heating and cooling that is supposed to be flowing to their home. When duct systems come lose or even get torn or a hole in them, the air will leak out of them. To fix them requires climbing into the attic and locating the leak or hole and then repairing it. This can be a time consuming process. When the air conditioner or heater has to work harder to pump air through the duct system, it will cost you more in money.

Duct systems take up a lot of room in your attic. If you ever take the time and look up there you will see tubing running around everywhere. The tubing is also not tiny as the duct system is pretty big itself. They are known for taking up and wasting a lot of space that you would otherwise have. A ductless system solves this problem as there are no ducts to take up any of your room.

AC unit systems are bulky and take up a lot of room. The mini ductless systems do not take up a lot of room and are great space savers. You also do not have to worry about a big unit sitting outside either. The only thing that goes outside is the coils and condenser. The ductless system’s save you space and they are mountable and can be placed on the wall or set into the ceiling.

AC systems are also hard to repair when it comes to duct work. Technicians are not always trained in them and also frankly do not really care about them. They are a minor item on the AC list of things to worry about. With a mini ductless system there are no ducts to have to worry about and the systems can be serviced easily.

Ductless Mini Split Systems are perfect for your home because they are convenient and they are also a major space saver. You will be able to have extra room in your attic as you will not have duct work spreading around everywhere. These systems are also convenient because they stay out of your way and can be mounted to a wall or even placed into the ceiling. The AC system will save you money as well because you are not losing any extra air that is escaping from the duct systems.

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