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When it starts to get really hot in the summer months, you can expect a significant increase in your electricity bill when you begin turning on your AC unit. The heat can get so unbearable and there is no reason why you need to sit there and bake in it in order to save yourself money on your energy bills. There are countless ways to keep your home cool without having to jack up that AC unit. Plus, you will not only be saving yourself extra money each month, but you will also be saving our precious planet as well. Below are 5 ways to cool your home without having to spike up that air conditioning.

Get Plants

Plants that are facing your southern exterior siding can help to shade off your home. You not only save space with vertical gardening, but you can also shade off that side of your home quickly and efficiently. Pole beans that are on a trellis are a great idea and will efficiently shade a single story home or you can plant hop plants that you can then train to climb up 25 ft portions of twine that will stretch from your ground to your home’s roof.
If you are blessed with a large tree in your yard, it can help to shade your home from the sun all day long and you will definitely notice a drop in your energy bill since you will not have to use your AC unit as much. This is one reason why homes that have large trees in their yards are worth a great deal more than others. Trees like this can take a couple decades to grow this large, however, if you are watering and fertilizing it constantly, it can expedite the process.

Close Draperies
Close your draperies during the day. Although you might be tempted to let in the sun’s rays into your home on a beautiful day, it can increase the temperature of your home by up to 20 degrees. Closing your drapes are a good and cost effective way to keep your home cool and only open them back up once the sun has shifted away from these windows. Additionally, mini blinds can be tilted to refract the outside light and keep your rooms around 15 degrees cooler rather than tilting them the opposite way.

Turn off appliances
Everyone knows that we can save on our electric bill by turning appliances off when not using them and this will also save the precious resources of our planet as well. However, it can get very tedious to have to go around and unplug all appliances before you settle in for the night simply to keep your home at a comfortable temperature level. Instead, why not get yourself a power strip where you can have everything unplugged in a single click of a button.

Change Filters
Your AC unit may very well be taking a break during the winter; however, it will once again have to work hard once the heat begins to rise. It is important to make sure you change the filters before you begin using your AC unit again and change them regularly during use. This will help to keep your home comfortable and keep your cooling costs down.
Install ceiling fans

A lot of people take ceiling fans for granted or think they are there simply for cosmetic appearance. This is so far from the truth. Ceiling fans work really well at keeping a room cool because they circulate the air. They also cost far cheaper than an AC unit and save on your monthly energy bill as well.

Although you will most likely have to use your air conditioning system when the temperatures are too uncomfortable, you can reduce your cooling costs significantly if you combine these tips above.

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