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Establishing the ideal conditions for your environment is crucial to managing different seasons. Regardless of the weather outside, it’s your ability to control the temperature inside that is essential. In summer, the indoors must be cool and fresh, keeping the area at an optimal climate. In the winter, heating is required to provide a warm haven for occupants. Recruiting a Santa Rosa heating and air company ensures you always have the perfect temperature. 

Why do I need Santa Rosa heating and air? 

The warm Mediterranean climate delivers dry summers with temperatures reaching 90 °F while winters can go as low as -13 °F. Continuous exposure to those numbers is uncomfortable and make it difficult to function. Controlling the heating and the condition of the air aids in creating an environment that allows you to go about your daily tasks in comfort. 

What is an HVAC system?

It describes the various elements used to move warm or cool air between outdoor and indoor areas. It deals with heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. The primary function of its operation is to maintain the air in your home or office to a comfortable level. It can also clean and filter the air in a room by keeping the humidity at a safe level. 

Heating components of the system involves an electric or gas furnace or a heat pump. The furnace uses a large amount of energy and takes up more space. It contains an ignitor and burners that are responsible for warming the air. A heat pump draws air from the outside into the heat sink and then distributes the warm air through the vents into the home or office. It also functions as an air conditioner by removing warm air from your space during summer and directing it outside. 

Ventilation removes harmful particles and excess moisture to filter the air rendering it cleaner. Air conditioning simply cools the temperature via a thermostat. 

How does the HVAC system work? 

The system does more than warm and cool the air in your home. It provides ventilation which is essential in modern homes. Traditionally, ventilation of space was conducted by opening doors and windows or through natural air vents built into the walls. However, nowadays the construction of homes is more compact, eliminating air vents to clean the air naturally. 

The HVAC system draws air into the unit where it goes through filters to remove dust, dirt, and other particles. After that, the clean air is heated or cooled with the humidity eliminated. Finally, the air is clean, fresh, and at the preferred temperature to enter the home via ducts. 

How much will new heating or air conditioning cost? 

Santa Rosa heating and air installation costs are dependent on various factors. It depends on the efficiency of the unit and the size of the space. Size is a massive contributor to the eventual cost of the installation. With a bigger space, it will cost more to install components for the unit to operate. It is advisable to replace your whole system as it will last longer and provide more efficiency.


Why do I need to clean the ducts? 

Various factors can pollute the air in a home. In fact, in the United States, 84% of households have detectable levels of dust mite allergens. There are several causes of poor air quality which include: 

  • Asbestos, which has been linked to health diseases such as cancer. It’s used in the construction of homes, featuring mostly in ceilings. 
  • Smoke causes severe damage to the lungs, but there is a misconception that it’s only tobacco smoke that is harmful. Any type of smoke from burning wood and fireplaces causes air pollution. 
  • Mold and mildew release spores into the air, which can affect the lungs and result in respiratory problems. 

Cleaning the ducts result in cleaner air distribution in your home, thus minimizing the risk of a health issue. It results in the removal of stale and humid air which creates a fresh environment for you to breathe. A clogged-up system with poor airflow has a negative effect on the entire process. It will lose efficiency, drawing more power than is required, overworking could lead to the breakdown of various components and bad odors may be pumped into the home. 

What is duct cleaning? 

Over time, dust, hair, mites, and other foreign objects get stuck in the ducts. Before they cause severe damage and require a large amount of money to repair, it’s advisable to get the ducts cleaned. Professionals use specially designed brushes, vacuums, and blowers to remove any dirt stuck in the ducts. There are various methods to duct cleaning, which is determined by the service provider. 

How do I choose the correct service provider? 

Hiring a contractor for your HVAC requirements involves a fair degree of research. The service provider for Santa Rosa heating and air must have a valid C-20 license. To obtain this license from the California State Licensing Board, the company must have four years of experience, pass several examinations, and prove that the technicians have invested in their skills development. It’s advisable to ask previous customers about their history of work and if they’re reliable. Ensure that they’re good communicators who always keep the client informed throughout their work. 

Following these steps should ensure the service provider you select is professional, qualified, and holds customer service in high regard. 

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