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Do you need an A/C tune-up? With summer temperatures on the way and thermometers starting to rise, it might be a good idea to call for a professional’s help. Having a pro examine your AC hardware can have many benefits, but some homeowners are hesitant to ever spend on a technician’s visit unless something is wrong. Why shouldn’t you wait until the unit “needs” repair work? Overall, there are seven great reasons to ask about a tune-up today.


1. Spot Concerns Before They Become Problems

Just like going to the doctor or the dentist once or twice a year is important for preventative healthcare, the same is true about asking a professional to look at your air conditioner. During an AC tune-up, pros will examine all the major and minor components of your system. If they spot the beginnings of a problem, they can correct it right away — often at little or no additional cost from the service visit. Eliminating these concerns early can ensure a minor problem doesn’t become a major inconvenience.


2. Make Sure Your System is Ready For the Season

A tune-up is an excellent idea just before the start of summer. Think about it: for many people, the arrival of hotter weather means you’re about to start running the air conditioner most days, often for long periods of the day. If you haven’t used it much all winter or through the spring, it might not be ready to immediately go back to full capacity work. A quick inspection ensures everything is in good working order and ready to keep you cool.


3. Avoid Unexpected Breakdowns On the Hottest Days

On the days when you and your family demand the most of an air conditioner, it could tax itself into a failure. For the most part, avoiding this concern relies on smart thermostat settings and a moderate amount of use — not keeping it set to 68 degrees while the mercury pushes 100 outside. However, a tune-up will ensure no lingering problems that might cause common issues such as a frozen AC or an overflowing condensation pan.


4. Keep Your Manufacturer Warranty Active and In Force

Do you have a relatively new air conditioner installed at your home? Likely, your manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect, meaning you’re covered if the unit fails prematurely. Check the terms of your warranty, though. Many manufacturers require you to engage in a good faith effort to maintain the unit appropriately. Failures resulting from neglect or poor upkeep often aren’t covered, leaving you out of pocket for an expense you didn’t expect. Using a licensed professional to examine your unit keeps your warranty intact.


5. Good Maintenance Makes Units Last Longer

No homeowner wants to replace an air conditioner before they need to because of the expense involved. If you run your unit into the ground by using it constantly and avoiding maintenance, though, you won’t enjoy a long lifespan from the unit. Such heavy use could cause it to fail years before it otherwise might. A tune-up today keeps critical components working well tomorrow. Properly cared for, modern units can last for 15 to 20 years or even longer before they need replacing.


6. Keep Your Energy Bills From Skyrocketing

When you get a tune-up for your car, you naturally expect better performance. Don’t worry — you can do the same with your air conditioner. By having maintenance performed, you can trust that your system is free from dust and other contaminants that can degrade its overall efficiency. As a result, newer and more efficient units can work to the best of their abilities in hot weather. Proper AC maintenance translates into lower energy bills. With so many households spending a significant portion of their annual budget on energy, every bit helps.


7. A Well-Cared for AC is a Safer AC

Although air conditioners typically don’t fail or break in ways that make them dangerous to people, they can be a threat to the environment. Leaking refrigerant not only degrades the performance of your air conditioner, but it isn’t ideal for those chemicals to be released into the atmosphere — even the newer and more modern CFC-free formulations. Your investment in periodic maintenance keeps your unit functioning exactly as it should, which means it’s safe for you, your family, and the environment.


Know Where to Turn for Help You Can Trust

From preventing problems and prolonging unit life to saving money every month, it’s easy to see there’s plenty of reasons to invest in an AC tune-up today. After deciding to do something, the first step is to find a professional service provider with the right qualifications and credentials to help. Schedule service at your earliest convenience and enjoy the peace of mind that accompanies a unit running in good condition.