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Cooling the home can be done in different ways. Some folks will be partial to one method over another depending on their current setup, household budget, and specific goals. Fortunately, there are also several air conditioner types available to create a perfect fit.

Do you need to cool a single room?

Window type air conditioners are excellent for this job. They are easy to install and come in a range of sizes. Choose a model that is powerful enough to provide cooling for the intended area. Several of them can be bought so that each room in the house has its own discrete unit. This way, those which aren’t needed at the moment can be turned off. If a person is inside, then he or she can set it to the preferred temperature without affecting others.

Is noise bothering you at night?

Perhaps you already have a window type unit and the noise emitted bothers you in the nighttime. Some people can sleep through chaos while others get disturbed by even a mild sound. If you belong to the latter group, then you may want to consider switching to a split type AC. This kind of air conditioner is composed of two parts: an internal unit that blows cool air inside the room and an external unit that blows hot air to the surroundings. Most of the noise sources are on the outside so you can get a good sleep.

Do you wish to cool the entire house?

Instead of using a number of small discreet units for cooling, you may opt to use a singular powerful central air conditioner that can provide for all areas of the house. The cold air generated is delivered everywhere through the same ducts utilized for heating. This results in supreme comfort throughout the home. It is also quite and efficient. Just be careful to avoid something too large as this will lead to a short cycle and inadequate dehumidification.

Is there a spot that feels warmer than the rest?

Despite all of central AC’s virtues, it does have a weakness: the lack of ability to adjust temperature in different areas. If direct sunlight hits one part of the house during summer, then you might want more cooling them. Adjusting the settings for the entire house may be overkill as shaded areas will be too cold for comfort. A good strategy is to use a portable air conditioner that can be set up whether it’s needed in an instant.

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