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Living in Santa Rosa means dealing with warm weather for many months of the year. If you want to endure hot Santa Rosa summers in cool comfort, your air conditioner will probably be one of the most vital pieces of technology in your entire home. As such, it is crucial to purchase air conditioning in Santa Rosa with which you will feel comfortable and satisfied. You will have to consider many factors when making your decision, so doing some research ahead of time is recommended. Fortunately, we have collected some information that can help you become better informed and make a decisive choice about what to buy for your air conditioning needs.

  • Choosing the Right Type of Air Conditioning System in Santa Rosa for Your Building

air conditioning santa rosaThe first thing you should understand about air conditioning in Santa Rosa is that several distinct kinds of systems are available. They range from small, self-contained units to larger systems that rely on a central unit and ductwork to carry air throughout a structure. Understanding your options can help you make a smarter buying decision for your property, so here are some of the most common, along with their pros and cons:

  1. Window heat pumps put the heating and cooling capabilities of a traditional heat pump in a compact, window-mounted model. These units can offer efficient climate control to small, enclosed areas. However, they begin to lose their cost-effectiveness in bigger buildings, since it can be expensive to put one in each room. They can also be liabilities in high winds.
  2. Packaged systems combine a furnace and an air conditioner in a single unit that sits in a box outside your home. In some buildings, they are located on an outside wall, whereas others have them placed on the roof. The main advantage of these systems is that they take up no space indoors, but the tradeoff is that they can look unsightly on the exterior of a building.
  3. Central heating and air systems are among some of the most popular in Santa Rosa, especially with homeowners who want efficient climate control across the entirety of their buildings. HVAC systems use ductwork to carry temperature controlled air throughout your home. Provided you take care of them properly and have enough room for one, they can be some of the most useful heating and cooling apparatuses in your home, apartment, or office.
  • Air Conditioner Accessories

In addition to choosing the kind of system you want to use in your home, you may wish to purchase additional accessories. Any air conditioner can require replacement parts, although HVAC systems are usually simpler to service due to their more modular nature. However, it is also a good idea to stock up on accessories such as filters so that you can always maintain your air conditioner effectively.

Filters are some of the most important accessories you can buy for any climate control system. They ensure that the air your system is working to process remains clean. As such, they fulfill two essential responsibilities. The first is that they keep you breathing fresher air throughout your home, which has numerous respiratory benefits and provides you with more oxygen in each breath. The second advantage to buying filters and changing them out each month is that it makes your system more efficient. Filters prevent dust, bacteria, and other debris from entering your air conditioner and clogging the ductwork. Since clogs can force the system to use more energy, they raise your monthly utility bills and put other parts in your AC at risk of wearing out faster than usual.

  • Service Contracts: Yay or Nay?

Purchasing the right kind of system for your home and the accessories to keep it running efficiently are two important considerations, but there’s another one that matters: your choice of service providers. To be clear, you should be calling for professional service on your air conditioner at least once every year—twice, if you use it frequently. However, you can choose between standalone visits and regular service contracts.

With standalone visits, you just call an HVAC company each time you need them. Some people consider this an obligation free approach. However, it also means that you may not be able to have the same technician over to your house each time you need one, which can result in paying for additional labor hours as new technicians take time to learn the layout of your home. On the other hand, service contracts involve annual fees, but they also ensure that you will be able to develop a relationship with a contractor who learns the nuances of your system over time. As a result, they can often provide you with more efficient and cost-effective long-term service.

If you want air conditioning in Santa Rosa, there are several things you may need to buy. In addition to the unit itself, you will need to purchase specific accessories and the services of professionals who can help you maintain your system. We hope the information we have provided can help you make an informed choice.