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Air Conditioning Service in Santa RosaSanta Rosa is a city with many amazing characteristics, but it’s not a place where you want to live without air conditioning in the summertime. Temperatures in Santa Rosa can climb to well over 90 degrees during the year’s hottest months, which means that just staying in the shade probably won’t be enough. You’ll need the refreshing feeling of cool air on your skin so that you can make it through the entire season in comfort. That means having an air conditioner and keeping it properly maintained for peak periods of use.

Finding an air conditioning service in Santa Rosa that you can trust is a task that every area homeowner should undertake as quickly as possible once they move in, so you’ll need to keep an eye out for certain features of the available contractors near you. Finding a decent contractor is just the beginning, though. You’ll also need to have an idea of how often you should call them, and what aspects of air conditioner service you can handle by yourself so that you don’t always have to shell out money for a professional. Just as importantly, you’ll want to know what you absolutely shouldn’t try to fix yourself unless you happen to be a qualified HVAC technician (in which case, you probably aren’t reading this article).

Fortunately, finding the information you need to help you get started is as easy as making it through the next few paragraphs. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to air conditioning service in Santa Rosa so that you can figure out who to hire, how often to call them, and when not to.

How to Find a Reliable Air Conditioning Service Technician

There’s one thing that every competent service technician in Santa Rosa needs. In fact, every HVAC technician in California needs it, and it’s called a license. Specifically, any contractor working on a job that costs more than $500 requires a C-20 license issued by the Contractors State License Board.

Hiring a contractor with a C-20 license gives you several important assurances about the person who is working on your system. It says that they’ve passed at least two exams and that they have at least four years of industry experience at or above a journeyman level. HVAC service has the potential to keep your system in good shape for many years, but it can also cause or exacerbate existing problems if it is mismanaged. For these reasons, a license is always something you should look for before hiring a contractor—even if it’s for a relatively small job.

How Often Should You Call Your Technician for Service?

Once you’ve found a licensed contractor who you can trust to work on your system, you’ll want to determine how often you call them. Fortunately, service technicians usually don’t need to be called more than twice a year unless there’s an emergency. Furthermore, calling your technicians once or twice a year for comprehensive service and preventative maintenance lowers the risk of an emergency occurring, which means that biannual visits are sufficient for most air conditioner owners.

If you’ve found a contractor who you like and know that you’ll be using them once or twice a year, one smart way to keep the cost of service down is to begin a yearly service contract with them. Many companies offer affordable contracts where you’ll pay an upfront fee in exchange for a certain level of service at regular intervals. Depending on how in-depth you want your contractor to be, you may be able to opt for different tiers of service. Baseline packages usually only cover preventative repairs and minor problems, whereas more expensive packages can have you covered for more significant trouble.

What Kind of Problems Are Worth Professional Help?

That said, not every air conditioning problem demands the aid of a licensed contractor. That’s not to say you should ever hire an unlicensed contractor, but there are some things you can save money on by doing yourself. For example, changing the filters on your outdoor unit is something most able-bodied homeowners can quickly take care of as the need arises. High-efficiency filters can be found at various home improvement stores, and a few minutes is all you’ll need to swap them in for your existing (and probably dirty) filters.

While you’re at it, take a few moments to look around your outdoor unit for sticks, leaves or other pieces of junk. These have the potential to enter your outdoor unit, compromising the quality of your air and lowering the efficiency of your system. Once or twice a week, walk around the outdoor unit and remove anything portable to a safe distance—at least two or three feet away from the opening. A trustworthy HVAC technician should take care of more serious problems such as refrigerant leaks, strange noises or electrical problems.

HVAC service in Santa Rosa doesn’t have to be complicated. Use the information given above to help you make smart choices about your service, and stay cool all summer.  Contact us for more information.