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An air filter is a very important component in the AC unit.  Having a technician check to see if it should be replaced can decrease your energy expenses, preserve your air conditioner and help you avoid a malfunction.  Let’s examine how a filthy air filter can prohibit the air from going to your air conditioning system and can cause it to function rather slow.  In turn, it can sky rocket  your electricity bill and cause your system to work too hard. Don’t let this happen and send you into a panic.  Have a preventative maintenance plan in place.

If you have already taken the steps to alter your air filter, then you are on a journey to a better energy management regime. One question. Do you know how to select the correct air filters for your home? The AC experts at Valley Comfort Heating and Air would be more than happy to help you make the right choice.  Not every homeowner know how to fit and decide on the best air filter to fit the needs of their home.  This is why seeking expert advice is always best.

Helpful Tips For Air Filter Replacement

Improving the MERV is a great place to start in wanting to improve efficiency. The MERV is the minimum efficiency reporting value and it helps to verify how successful your air filter is not eliminating fragments from the air.  The higher your MERV is the better it filters.  Moreover, the scale starts from about 1-16, even though some scales can go up to 20.  At present, your air filters maybe somewhere between a MERV of 1-4.  If by any chance, you wish to have it to a 6 or 7, then consult with your technician before you do so.

Some homeowners make the mistake of changing to a filter that is too robust for the home. The reason why this is a risk is because it can be so powerful that it can stop the air from coming into your air conditioning system. What it is doing, is the same thing that a filthy  filter would do. What sense does it make in replacing a filter, then to find out, the new one you’ve chosen is doing the same thing as the old one.

Contact us for more information on AC repair and maintenance.  Making the necessary home improvements can definitely save you time and money. Don’t wait until your AC fails you to call. Be prepared now!