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If you’re like many homeowners, you have likely spent some time thinking about what to do when you need to install or upgrade an HVAC system. There are many choices involved in this decision, such as how powerful a unit you should choose, what kind of power it should use, and the kind of machine that you install. One of the most important decisions that both relies on and impacts your home’s layout is where you should install the unit.

There are many factors to bear in mind as you decide which kind of system to install. Astute homeowners seek expert advice from qualified and trustworthy contractors to help them make the final call, but there’s enough information available to help you get started regarding your system. Continue reading to see if you should consider attic heating and air conditioning units for your home.

The Benefits of Using Attic Heating and Air Conditioning Units

AC pipes inside attic As you take the steps to determine if attic heating and air conditioning units are right for your home, it’s helpful to first look at the positive aspects. Here are several qualities that stand out as reasons you should consider installing attic units:

  • Economic Installation – Most new installations require ductwork, electrical wiring, and other infrastructure adjustments to your home. If you’re running ductwork through the walls and ceiling or beneath the floors, then you’ll likely request that your contractors cover these ducts to ensure that your home still looks its best. If you install the system in the attic, however, you can generally save on your contractor’s time, materials, and effort by leaving the ductwork exposed in an area of the house you already don’t use for entertaining. 
  • Efficient Use of Space – If you’re installing a new air conditioning system in your home, the chances are that you’re already using most of the available space in your home. Whether you have storage in your basements or are using all your closets to capacity, the idea of adding in a significant amount of machinery into otherwise-occupied space can be daunting. If you are looking for a way that you can minimize the impact that a new system has on your home’s free space, then an attic system may be a good way to approach the problem.


Aside from these two major benefits, there are also minor benefits, such as the system operating without much noise in your living spaces. Generally, the only noise you’ll hear is from the air blowing through your ventilation when the system is active.

Potential Downsides of Installing Attic Systems

While there are undoubtedly significant benefits to the systems, there are other things to consider when deciding the type of system you’d like to install in your home:

  •  Maintenance Issues – Most homeowners don’t venture into their attics regularly. Often, these locations are difficult to access and are easy to forget about except for those rare occasions when you need to retrieve something from storage or pull it down from there. Thus, if there’s an issue with your HVAC unit, you likely won’t be able to tell just from the sound of it. Following from this lack of audible symptom, you may not realize that your system needs maintenance until after the problem has already worsened, potentially increasing your expenses when your contractors arrive.  
  • Potential Inefficiencies – When you think of times that you’ve spent in your attic, you’re likely to remember that it generally gets quite hot or cold, depending on the season. Variable temperatures in your attic space is due to the relatively small amount of insulation that builders use in the attic walls and ceiling. As a result, the attic’s ambient temperature may adversely impact your air conditioner’s performance and even shorten its effective lifespan. 

You should always think carefully about the pros and cons of any HVAC installation, as well as where this system will be. Make sure that you consult with qualified contractors so that you can make the right choice for your home.

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Make the Right Choice Regarding Attic Heating and Air Conditioning Units

Every home is different, so as you consider the ideal system for your home, you can take the pros and cons we addressed here regarding attic heating and air conditioning units. Ultimately, you should invest in a system that will work for your home and keep your family comfortable. Depending on your home’s layout, attic systems may be ideal for you.

Regardless of what style your home is, each kind of HVAC system can offer unique benefits. Choosing between these systems on your own can be complicated and fraught with error. Look to highly experienced HVAC contractors to provide informed opinions on how these systems may work for you. Remember that whichever system you install, it will be with your home for decades, so take the time now to do your research.