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Not all heating and cooling systems are created the same, which is why we’re here to give you a breezy overview regarding our trusted products that have been battle tested, time and time again. Whether you’re looking to heat or cool your home effectively with high quality energy efficient equipment, Valley Comfort’s heating and cooling systems are capable of helping you set and maintain the perfect desired temperature inside your home on an annual basis. Aside from employing the most qualified HVAC team in Sonoma County and Napa Valley areas combined, we stand behind all of our products that are primarily designed to make your life easier and more comfortable.

Carrier® Heating and Cooling Systems

Valley Comfort is proud to offer you the best possible products on the market in reference to high quality heating and cooling systems and their accessories as well. Carrier® is one of our main suppliers of all things temperature related, and we’ll give you a little info regarding how efficient these systems and additions truly are.

Evolution® System Variable Speed 90+% Efficiency Gas Furnaces

Both models, the 987M and the 986T, are more than proficient, especially when a big chill begins to fill the air. The acronym “AFUE” (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) is used to determine heat output in BTUs (British Thermal Units). The higher the AFUE per every 100 BTUs, the more efficient the device happens to be. The 987M holds a highly respectable 98.3 percent AFUE while the 986T with Perfect Heat® measures in at 96.5 AFUE. No matter the case, the heat will be there when you need it—plus, the 986T has its own moisture removal system for those hot and sticky summer days.

Top Rated Heating and Cooling Systems

The Legacy™ Line Central AC Unit sits at the top of the heap with a 16.5 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. With heating and cooling systems designed for optimum efficiency, SEER is a measurement used to gauge the amount of cooling output per each unit of energy consumption. Much like the AFUE principle, higher SEER ratings often translate into significantly lower energy costs. The Legacy™ is also very quiet (72 dB, or decibels); also constructed with environmentally friendly Puron® refrigerants, the Legacy™ ranks as one of the most efficient cooling systems on the market. Its 10 year limited warranty is simply an added bonus.

High Quality Thermostats for Heating and Cooling Systems

Maintaining a consistent temperature control setup inside your home has never been easier when adding a Preferred® Programmable Thermostat to your package. Whether choosing to use the optional memory card or adjusting the easy to understand panel settings manually, the choice is yours. Smart technological design has been a life saver for those who own modern heating and cooling systems, having built-in memory components to suit your temperament. Even if you don’t feel like getting off the couch, no problem! An optional remote control can do all the heavy lifting for you. With three Preferred® Programmable Thermostats to choose from, your personal preferences can  easily be taken care of.

Seeing as how all of these products are supported by extended warranties, our HVAC technicians will be standing by, just in case. When it comes to having Carrier® heating and cooling systems installed, you may rarely, if ever, have to worry about malfunctions or breakdowns in the foreseeable future. For more information pertaining to the extensive line of indoor temperature control units and accessories, feel free to visit our products page and check out our complete catalog of heating and cooling systems. Chances are, you’ll be glad you did!