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Your indoor air quality is important for both your family’s health and for your overall quality of life. Nobody wants to sniffle, sneeze and have sore throats that seem to come from nothing. This is even worse when you feel better outside of your home than you do in it. What a lot of people don’t realize is that your indoor air quality is affected by everything in your home — with your carpet being a very sneaky perpetrator.

Indoor Air Quality: Dust Mites… and More

Dust mites may not be something you think about in your daily life, and this is a good thing. If you did, you would most likely be grossed out most of the time. While the common dogma is that 90 percent of dust is human skin cells that have harmlessly flaked off and been replaced, this is not entirely accurate. There are also microscopic critters called dust mites that live their entire lives in fabric surfaces. One of these surfaces happens to be your carpet. The thing about dust mites is, they live their entire life cycles in your carpet. They live there, they breed there, they leave their waste there, and they eventually die there and are crawled over by their descendants. The entire ordeal is precisely as disgusting as it sounds.

Dust mites are in your carpet right now and are affecting your indoor air quality. They will never entirely be eliminated, but with regular cleaning they can be kept to a reasonable level. They are also in your pillows, which is why they should either be replaced or washed on a regular basis. Eliminate as many dust mites as possible, and you will notice immediate improvement.

Allergies Can be Made Instead of Born

Allergies are reactions of the cells in your body to certain chemicals. Often, these are completely natural chemicals produced by plants. If you go out to your yard and do some work, you may feel great in the fresh air and sunshine. But when you come back inside, the pollens can stick in your carpet. These pollens can build up to the point where they are actually bad for you. What many people do not realize is, allergies can actually come up even as an adult — the normally beautiful, enjoyable grass from outside can become an eye watering nightmare if its pollen is in your carpet.

Carpets Can be Filthy

If you think air ducts can be nasty inside, you might feel the urge to remake your home’s interior with nothing but vinyl when you stop to consider what carpet is and how dirty it can become. A carpet is essentially a series of thousands of small strings that can trap untold amounts of dirt, dust mites, pollens and other nasty things between them. While fresh carpet can feel amazing, over as little as a few months they can become disgusting. Cleaning them on a regular basis is a great way to make your life better.

With Every Step, Another Puff of Dust

Much like with your register, keeping dust at bay is a constant battle. But this is where all the things in your carpet become a real issue. While you likely don’t stomp around your home like an elephant, with every step you can kick up a huge cloud of dust and other particles that can take hours to settle down. In the interim, you and your family are breathing in all of this. For this reason, your indoor air quality depends on having a clean carpet.

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