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Change-Your-Air-Filters-Monthly-Heres-Why-valley-comfort-heating-and-air-CA-2Maintaining a healthy environment will rely heavily on how often you decide to change the air filters of your air conditioning unit. We know that life can be quite hectic, and there is a tendency to forget these little yet important things. Scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance is your responsibility and it ensures your family’s health is not at risk. Take a few seconds to add maintenance times to your calendar. You can also take note in your phone or wherever you can so that you can be easily reminded.

Energy Savings

Here’s the deal on how you can save. What you need to know is that the air filter is designed to capture any fragments, while allowing air to run into the air conditioning system.  Your air conditioner has the ability to extract specific levels of air. Maintaining the correct levels of air is important and the unit will try to do so even if its congested.  This will cause the unit to work even harder than it should thus wearing it down and creating an increase in electricity bills.

Air Quality

Let’s talk air quality. Most people believe that air filters are basically there to preserve the standard of the air.  As a matter of fact, the initial purpose of the air filter is to protect the system from internal damage. Over the years air filters have been designed to do even more.  This is why we have the privilege of benefiting from the use of advanced air filters that have the ability to extract microscopic fragments.  Due to these microscopic fragments we have a society that’s filled with different kinds of health problems. Asthma and allergies have increased because of this. It is best to ask a technician to assist you in choosing the most productive and effective filter to make your indoor air quality a dream come true!

A/C Performance and Reliability

When your AC unit has to work over time it can have an effect on the different components of your air conditioning system.  The fan motor can be overworked causing further problems.  In addition, the compressor which is an expensive component of the air conditioner can undergo injury.  The decreased air flow can make the air conditioner freeze.  Frequent monthly filter changes are critical to preserving your air conditioner. Contact us as our friendly and professional technicians are always ready to serve.  Don’t let that filter create a negative impact on your home.