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When the summer starts getting sweltering and you have to decide whether to have AC installation or suffer, your choice is a simple one. When you select an AC installer, you have to be careful about what you’ll end up getting. Not everyone who can put in your new HVAC system is necessarily cut from the same cloth. Sometimes your AC installation professional can make all the difference.

What to Look for in an AC Installation Service

Professionalism and Courtesy

Dealing with professionals is by far the best way to have your AC system installed properly. Aside from simply know what they’re doing, you want your AC professional to be a kind, courteous individual who is willing to work on your schedule instead of trying to shoehorn you into theirs. You have work and family responsibilities to tend to, and it’s important for your installer to work with you.

Professionalism also extends into neatness and respecting the space of your home. Hiring “someone” to install your AC system may get the job done, but often independent contractors can be messy and disorganized, which can make your home uncomfortable and can be distracting to you. You don’t need to settle for that, since a real professional will help your home stay organized while they work.

AC Installation On Your Schedule

Your schedule is an important consideration for any AC installation professional to attend to. The schedule may be tighter or looser, depending on the difficulty of the installation and on how busy the season is. But no matter how busy the season may be, a real professional will find time to help you and make sure your system is running properly. This is the foundation of good customer service, and it speaks to respecting the fact that without you, there is no business for the installer.


While it should simply be implied that an AC installer is a knowledgeable individual, unfortunately this is not always the case. From the electrical connections to ensuring that your heating system is compatible with your AC, there is a lot that goes into keeping your home comfortable. This means there are a lot of places where an individual who is not knowledgeable can make a potentially costly mistake. While it may be possible to save some money in the short run by hiring a less professional individual, as a general rule the first place you will notice that something is wrong will be down the line.

Real professionals install the system in the most efficient way possible. When ducting is involved, professionals with the level of knowledge you need make the ducts efficient and keep your home cooler with less energy used. By contrast, less professional individuals will install the system to the “bare minimum” standard — which tends to break more often, cost you more in the long run and leave your home feeling less comfortable than it should.

Helping You Before Making a Sale

Making a sale is naturally going to happen when you hire an installer. Unfortunately, some people take this to mean that they have to sell you on the biggest system they can. While a larger system can accomplish the same results as a smaller one can, often an AC installation that uses a slightly under-powered system is actually better. These types of setups will run more frequently, which actually saves you money versus a more frequent starting and stopping cycle. The desire to help you over making a larger sale will ultimately leave you more satisfied.

When you hire an AC installation professional, be careful. The right kind of person makes a lot of different in the end.