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Rooftop commercial air conditioners can keep everyone calm, collected and (most importantly) cool.

What’s also convenient about commercial air conditioners, which we’ll touch on throughout this post, is that they’re super affordable to install, maintain or upgrade.

If anything should go wrong or you need servicing, the modular units that make up a commercial AC are a cinch to get to and repair as well.

Wide angle view at an outdoor HVAC air conditioner unit located on a high-floor porch of a midtown Manhattan skyscraper.

Commercial Air Conditioning: Compact Yet Powerful 

The great thing about commercial air conditioners, especially if you’re a property owner or building manager, is that these modular units are compact enough to fit in and out of doors and through the narrow confines of service elevators. At the same time, you’re given a huge amount of flexibility and cooling options.

  • Fits with Your Current Ductwork

The modular units that comprise your rooftop commercial air conditioning system can be laced together to meet the dynamic cooling needs of your building and its tenants.

What’s more, you can strategically position each modular unit to get more cool air into specific areas, and the modular units themselves can be seamlessly interconnected with your building’s ductwork.

  • Choose Your Style

In terms of flexibility, going with a commercial air conditioner also allows you to choose between a split-system construction or a package construction with everything right in one place. Whichever construction you choose – and your choice will have a lot to do with your local climate, building size and thermal load – your rooftop AC unit can be hooked up to your building’s current warren of ductwork.

  • Manageable Installation, Low Downtime

This helps keep installation costs low and limits or eliminates any downtime. You also don’t have to worry about getting these modular units lined up just right – as might be the case with through-the-wall air conditioners and window AC units.

And to keep that comparison going, commercial AC units are actually considered a whole lot quieter from a user perspective since any noise that your rooftop unit is making is very likely out of earshot by virtue of the unit being perched up on the roof.

  • Higher Security, Less Worry

One last benefit that a lot of building owners are, unfortunately, all too familiar with – theft and security issues.

If you’re been overseeing a few commercial real estate projects then you probably know about the dangers of people making off with some of your construction materials, copper wiring and even your window air conditioners.

It’s unfortunate…but it can happen. That said, it’s far less likely to happen with a rooftop commercial air conditioner because everything’s out of sight and assuredly out of harm’s way.

  • Stop Worrying about Damage

Because split-system commercial air conditioners are typically out of the way you’ll also be able to have more usable land on which you can further develop or lease out to other tenants. On top of that, rooftop AC units don’t blemish the facade of your facility: They keep things professional and clean for your tenants. Even the electrical work done by our local electrician will be out of public view.

Speaking of clean, you also won’t have to worry nearly as much about rooftop AC units collecting grime or dust in their coils or kicking up a storm on ground level.

Since they’re on the roof, it’s also very, very unlikely that a car would bump into one – as might happen with a package, ground-level unit – or it’d get kicked around and damaged in other ways.

Stay Cool This Summer 

Buying a new commercial air conditioner makes a ton of sense right now because newer units are more energy efficient (better SEER rating) and can typically be very affordably maintained for years to come. Contact us if you want to stay cool this summer!