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Most residential and commercial buildings use thermostats to control heating and cooling systems. The aim is to ensure people living or working inside these buildings are comfortable. One can install and use a manual or electronic thermostat. Here is a quick look at the main differences between manual and electronic thermostat controls:

Manual thermostats

Manual thermostats rely on the expansion and contraction of internal coils to control temperature. You are likely to find this type of thermostat in old buildings. They have become less popular in recent years for two main reasons. Firstly, they contain mercury, which has been banned in many states because it can cause serious health problems. Secondly, manual thermostats are not as accurate as electronic ones. This makes it hard for one to reduce or predict power consumption. Nevertheless, they remain popular with some homeowners because they are cheap and easy to use.

Electronic thermostats

Unlike manual thermostats, electronic ones are more convenient. This is largely for two reasons. Firstly, you only need to program desired temperature settings as well as timespans once and then leave it to effect changes automatically. Secondly, you can reprogram it whenever the need arises. This aspect has one huge advantage: energy savings. For instance, you can program your electronic thermostat to conserve energy while you are away at work or on holiday. This can translate into significant savings every month or annually. These thermostats come in three programming modes: 5-2, 5-1-1, and seven day. The 5-2 programming mode allows you to maintain one power regulation schedule on weekdays and another on weekends. If you opt for the 5-1-1 programming mode, you can set a five-day power regulation schedule, another for Saturday, and finally another for Sunday. Finally, the seven-day programming mode allows one to set power regulation schedules for each day. Features to look for when buying this type of thermostat include energy monitor, keypad lock, vacation override, automatic switchover, and battery indicator.


If you are building a new residential property, call us to learn more about home thermostats or to install a new programmable thermostat today. Such a thermostat will help you reduce power consumption at home. Call us to learn more about home thermostats or to install a new programmable thermostat today.