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Thanks to global warming, primarily caused due to carbon dioxide emission, summer seasons are getting hotter each year. Most of us face the problems of inflating power bills and try to find ways of keeping the temperature inside our room to a comfortable level without increasing the units of power consumed. Installing a power efficient air conditioning unit plays a huge role. It is better to dispel the following myths.

Myth: The fan cools the air:
This is one of the commonest misconceptions. The fan, instead of cooling the air inside the room, merely circulates the air. In fact, it might make your room hotter. Hot air flows upwards towards the ceiling of your room. By turning on the fan, you are forcing this hot air to circulate inside the room. Apart from this, you are wasting energy by using the fan.

Myth: The bigger the air conditioning unit, the colder the air
Replacing your present air conditioning unit with a higher tonnage one will not decrease the temperature inside of your room further. The tonnage of the air conditioner determines the cubic feet of air it can cool. Therefore, do not go for a higher tonnage air conditioning system, if the one installed inside your room meets the requirements.

Myth: Air conditioners just cool the air
Air conditioning units, apart from cooling the air inside your room, also keep it free of dust and humidity. In case you did not know, excessive humidity leads to perspiration, which in turn leads to fatigue and exhaustion. During the process of sucking up hot air from your room, it sucks in dust particles as well. The filter of the air conditioning unit traps these particles, leaving your room dust free.

Instead of replacing your air conditioner, clean its filter. Check the water plug of the unit, located in the tray beneath the unit for signs of clogging, and clean it if necessary. You can save a great sum of money by going for a star rated air conditioning unit whose tonnage is suitable for your room. Apart from cooling the air optimally and keeping you and the members of your family comfortable during the summer, it will decrease your power bills too.