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While regular maintenance can help spare you the pain of needing an emergency furnace repair, sometimes it just isn’t enough to stop the problems that are hard to see and impossible to totally prevent. While maintenance is important, sometimes an emergency furnace repair is needed to keep your home warm all winter long.

Expect Prompt Service

Prompt service in any emergency furnace repair situation is vital. Generally speaking, you want to deal with a company that will send someone out immediately to get your furnace repaired in a flash. If the company gives you the run around, makes vague statements like “as soon as possible,” that’s a red flag that it might be time to look elsewhere. When you work with a reputable company, you get results in short order instead of whenever someone feels like it.

Keep the Number Handy

There are few things in life worse than having to hunt around for a phone number when the temperature in your home is steadily approaching that of your freezer. Having the number in a handy place is a great way to keep your home from freezing, particularly if you are easily distracted and forget why you got online or got out your phone. Further, it’s especially useful to already have the number handy so you can minimize the chances of having long-term damage done to your home. Whether the pipes freeze up or not, you don’t want your walls going frosty if you can avoid it, and you want your emergency furnace repair to happen as quickly as possible.

Always Have a Backup

Smart home systems have come a long way since the first alarms, and this actually relates to emergency furnace repair. If you work a lot or are traveling and away from home when you need emergency furnace repair, this doesn’t mean you have to race home to fix the problem. Many home security systems can actually be configured to let you know if your home drops below a certain temperature or if there’s a power failure. This can let you notify the right people to come administer some emergency furnace repair before the damage is done, which can save you a ton of money.

If Help is Awhile Away

Despite everyone’s best efforts, there are going to be times when emergency furnace repair is just not happening for awhile. Life happens, and sometimes you have the misfortune to need your emergency furnace repair at the same time a lot of other people do. But you don’t need to fret, because there are short-term solutions that can spare you the worst of it all.

Turn off the water in your home, and open up the highest and lowest faucets to let out all the water. This is usually the shower on the highest level of your home and the spigot outside. The highest faucet lets in air, to make sure the water all escapes. The lowest faucet lets the water drain out, so it won’t freeze up and burst your pipes.

If it’s daytime, open all the curtains that will let in sunlight. If it’s night time, make sure they’re all closed. This will either let in some warmth or keep some, which can delay the freezing-up process. This is basically running defense, but it can help until the cavalry arrives.

Minimizing the Chance This Happens Again

Emergency furnace repair happens, but you can minimize it. Proactive maintenance greatly reduces the chance of having a furnace disaster happen. Whether you need work now or want to get ahead, contact us today and we’ll bring peace of mind.