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Air Conditioning and Heating for our homes or business can present quite a challenge, to maintain a comfortable temperature and saving energy and money. So many questions can arise when it comes to energy efficiency ideas. Saving energy on your utility bill you may be able to consider many options that can help provide savings for you in winter or summer. In the summer raising the temperature even 1 degree on the air conditioning can provide savings over time. Other home energy efficiency tips are covering certain windows that have direct sunlight into your home during the hottest part of the day will also assist in keeping the temperature down. When cooler days arrive, open the windows and turn your air conditioning off. Be sure to change your air filter on a regular basis, preferably monthly to keep your air conditioner from working harder to provide the desired temperature. Because there are many different options that can save you energy and money, Call Us for all your HVAC needs or recommendations. A professional set of eyes can provide you with savings for the entire year. This may be on simple adjustments or having the proper equipment installed for your home or business.

Winter can present as big a challenge as summer heat, when attempting to maintain that comfortable temperature. Energy savings for everyone is very important in winter or summer. It will be important to ensure that the windows and doors are sealing properly and are not creating drafts from the external weather. There are several ways this can be accomplished, from closing drapes or blinds, to using plastic to ensure that the outside temperatures do not have as much effect on the temperature desired inside.

Energy efficiency ideas can vary greatly depending on the position of any building, because of the direct sunlight and wind direction. Both can be used to assist in saving energy or can prove to be a challenge. Direct sunlight during winter months will assist in retaining heat, while in summer months may prove to raise the temperature above that desired. When reviewing any property to save energy and money, Call Us for all your HVAC needs.