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Technology in the HVACR industry has significantly changed over the past 4 decades or so. To ensure that professionals in this sector remain relevant both now and in the years to come, HVAC instructors have had to formulate new methods of skill impartation. This process has and continues to be quite challenging.

Back in the day the technologies used by different companies were pretty much the same and, therefore, it was quite easy for technicians to work with the various products that were available then. Today, a good number of the appliances that are in use feature patented technologies and components. Due to this fact, it is becoming increasingly difficult for independent technicians with no company affiliations to service certain products.

Ironical as it might sound, the solution to this particular challenge lies in going back to the fundamentals and the basics of HVAC systems as opposed to chasing after newer technologies. What this simply means is that, the best HVACR technician is not the one who knows all there is to know about the latest air conditioner and heating system models. It is he who has a firm understanding of the basic rules and principles on which the HVAC industry is built on.

But why exactly is this case; some might ask. What needs to come out very clearly is that, despite how complex and proprietary a certain HVAC system is, it will still operate on the basic principles of thermodynamics, psychrometrics, electronics etc. To say the least, these concepts simply cannot be bypassed. Any technician who appreciates and fully embraces this fact will be successful in his or her profession.

Trained technicians with a good understanding of the basics and fundamentals of HVAC systems are good problem solvers. They are more likely to find working solutions to uncommon air conditioning and heating issues than their high-tech counterparts. This particular group of technicians understands that the best way of solving HVAC problems is by working from the core outwards.

A well trained HVAC technician can be trusted to deliver over and above expectation. This individual can be relied upon to come up with solutions and recommendations that help the consumer save money both at present and in the future. Something else that stands out about well trained HVAC contractors is their efficiency. Their understanding of the basic and fundamental principles of HVAC systems makes it possible for them to work around problems in the least time possible.

Attitude is also a very vital element in the whole HVAC equation. Well trained contractors are open-minded. They believe that most problems can be solved in more than just one way. This kind of attitude is very essential in the HVACR industry as it helps technicians think outside the box consequently making it possible for them to solve complex problems.