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Looking for a reliable heating and air service can be a real chore, especially in areas where there is stiff competition between several companies. Homeowners should also not just use the first guy who picks up the phone but also do a little research to determine who offers the best service for the best price in the HVAC business.


It also helps to foster a solid relationship with a good company, as they will then get to know your system and be faster in responding and fixing problems. However, to get to this stage, it is recommended to follow the suggestions below in choosing the most reliable heating and air service in your area.


Referrals and Reviews


Asking for referrals from your neighbors and co-workers should always be your first step, especially if they have the same system as yours. Both positive and negative opinions will speedily generate a list of possible options for an HVAC service provider with whom to build a relationship for the regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems.


Make notes about problems experienced and any value-added services provided during their maintenance visits. Compare these notes with independent online reviews, and you should begin to form an accurate picture of what you should expect from any particular company. Remember that bad reviews are part of the business, as some people are just grumpy, especially when their DIY repairs are the cause of the problem, the callout, and the repair bill.




Credentials show the world that the HVAC business has the required training to do the job and that the company complies with relevant state laws to trade. All reputable companies are proud of their credentials and make sure they are accurately and easily visible on their websites. The second thing to look for in a reliable heating and air service is to discover if they can follow up on their credentials.


A little research will quickly reveal the local requirements for compliance by an HVAC company in your area. Nearly all governing bodies offer a method to validate their members, which should be done using the license numbers provided on the company’s website.


If not explicitly stated on the website, ask the HVAC company for proof of their liability insurance and exactly what the policy covers.


Experience in the HVAC, Heating and Air Service



Book knowledge is the foundation, but without experience, it’s difficult to quickly and accurately diagnose problems with an HVAC system. The obvious assumption is to choose a company with decades of experience, but this does not always have satisfactory results. The reason is that there is often considerable downtime required in up-skilling for new advances in HVAC systems, and it is easy to neglect this part of the business when there is lots of work to be done. On the other hand, choosing a new company can be problematic if you have an old heating or cooling system installed that works differently than the new, all-electronic models.


The best option is to inquire what experience a company has with your particular HVAC system, especially nowadays that technicians are manufacturer trained and generally prefer installing and working on only selected systems.


Pricing and Communication


Prompt and accurate communication is essential in the HVAC business. The rule of thumb when choosing a service provider is that if you struggle to communicate with them, then just move on to the next option on the list. The primary reason for this is that if something goes wrong, then they’ll be impossible to contact for a follow-up inspection. The secondary reason is pricing.


Confirm the company’s pricing policy. They should always provide written estimates for any job and itemize everything. Itemization will allow you to accurately compare quotes from various companies, as the difference in price may be due to exactly what work will be done. Maybe one company charges for sealant and another doesn’t because they won’t use any on the ducts?


A written quote can also be compared to the final bill and is then easier to query and compare to the work done.


Heating and Air Services Provided


It may seem obvious, but it is essential to know what services an HVAC company provides, as some may not be keen on doing seasonal cleanings or general inspections. A good company should offer the full range of services, from new installations to repairing or replacing existing HVAC systems.

We always encourage new customers to follow these steps before choosing us as their reliable heating and air service provider of choice. On our website, you will find many positive testimonials, information about our required credentials and trade association memberships, a comprehensive list of all our services, and several easy ways to contact us for the job.