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Geothermal SystemsGeothermal systems are quite original and have a very special and distinctive set-up.  This system operates by utilizing the Earth’s natural temperature below the frost line to heat and cool.  This is achieved through the use of fossil fuels. This energy source is formed through a natural process therefore making it environmentally friendly. The Geothermal system has its uniqueness simply because its base root requires zero preventative maintenance.  However if your system shows any signs of leakage call the experts at Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning so they can assist you.

Heat Pump Over Haul

Geothermal systems maintenance is comparable to that of an air conditioning system.  During a routine maintenance appointment, here is what is expected:

  • Examination of the fans and its components
  • Inspection of the thermostat
  • Changing of air filters
  • Inspecting and cleaning of components
  • Removing debris from around the heat pump
  • An in-depth examination of all wiring, connections and electrical terminals
  • Lubricating the ball joints and motor parts as required
  • Examining the refrigerant (if system operates with one)
  • Inspection of condensation array (tray and drain pipe)

Convenience of Having Geothermal System Over Haul

There are several advantages why you should schedule your geothermal system maintenance today. Yearly geothermal system maintenance can help to prohibit minor issues such as frayed fan belts and worn wiring.  Issues such as these should be dealt with before they create other major complications. Furthermore, it gives you the chance to pinpoint other potential problems.

In addition frequent maintenance aids in favorable functioning.  Decreased refrigerant levels and unsecured fan belts can place tension on your geothermal system.  When your system is under tension it tends to utilize more energy.  By giving your system that added attention your pump will be functioning favorably and you’ll be employing less energy.

Servicing your geothermal system will assist in decreasing your regular level of wear-and-tear.  This can be vital and can increase its lifespan. Contact us today on any queries you may have about this system.