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Air conditioners are expensive devices. Hence, if you are planning to install one for your office or home, you need to shell out quite a sizeable amount from your pocket. Now, if installation of an air conditioning device increases your monthly electric consumption– it will only make matters worse for you. Though the modern air conditioning units are more or less energy efficient, following certain tips to reduce air conditioning bills will further reduce electric consumption. Let us discuss some of the ways to reduce your air conditioning bills.

– There is a notion amongst many people that the bigger the air conditioning unit is, the better is the effect. This is absolutely incorrect. Do not end up purchasing a unit which is unnecessarily bigger than what a particular space requires. This will only needlessly increase your air conditioning bills. Opt for the one that will be perfect for the space you need to cool and thereby keep the power consumption within your control.

– Before zeroing on a particular device, you need to compare energy efficiency, the warranty and the agreement of maintenance of devices from various manufacturers. It’s wise to opt for an expensive device, if it’s more energy-efficient than the relatively less expensive ones.

– Check the air filters of your device regularly. A monthly check up of the filters ensures that the device is working at an optimum level consuming minimal energy.

– Keep away those devices that emit heat from the thermostat. Keeping them close to the thermostat will compel it to run longer than needed and burn out some needless energy.

– When you are operating the air conditioner, make sure that the windows, doors, fireplaces and other outlets are totally sealed so that the cool air does not escape.

– Opt for planting shrubs & trees, preferably in the western and southern sides of your house. This will reduce your air conditioning bill to a considerable extent.

– Close all the vents that lead to the room that you frequently use. This will help other parts of your house to cool down faster.

– Make sure that your house is properly insulated. Look if any door or window has developed any crack through which cool air can escape.

– Keep the computer(s) and other electrical and electronic devices unplugged when you are not using them. These devices warm up the room they are kept in, even when they are not being used.

– Use window shades so that the sun light may get reflected.
These are some of the easiest and most widely practiced tips to reduce air conditioning bills in case you have installed an air conditioning device. The modern AC devices are all extremely energy-efficient and keeping all these points in mind will only further reduce your electric bills, thereby helping you a lot financially.