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Air conditioners will need proper maintenance and care if they are to last the intended time-frame.  This is why it is essential that we have a technician check the refrigerant in our air conditioner so as to ensure its working in top shape.


Refrigerants are the lifelines of heat pumps and air conditioners.  They are chemical combinations that are referred to as blends.  Moreover, they can modify from liquid to gas and then over the same process again.  Refrigerants flow through a heat pump, which draws in and discharges heat as it alters between states.  This then conducts the task of heat exchange which permits a heat pump to warm your home during winter from the outside.  It also cools it down during the summer and this heat is from the inside.

The Facts At A Glance

The most primitive refrigerant types and its chemicals are either flammable or harmful.  These flammable or harmful substances consist of sulphur, dioxide, methyl, chloride and ammonia.  After chemists produced blends made of inflammable and non harmful chlorofluorocarbons, that were trademarked by the brand Freon, it it was then that air conditioners because risk-free for home usage. It was Dupoint that created a notation system for their blends.  The letter “R” is used accompanied by a number which depicts the blend’s molecular formation.

For many decades, R-22 was the main Freon blend utilized in heat pumps and air conditioners.  But as a chlorofluorocarbon, it has an ozone-depleting impact.  In addition, R-22 is still produced and being utilized in developing countries.  A phase-out scheme has been developed by the United States to have R-22 stamped out by 2020.  From the year 2010, the United States producers are not allowed to manufacture any equipment that uses R-22.

From time to time, R-410A is trademarked “Puron”.  R-410A is the chief refrigerant blend used to substitute R-22 during the phase out period.  Any air conditioner or heat pump obtained during the last six years uses R-410A.  This blend resolves the issue of reducing ozone gases and improves the productivity of the heat pump.  Even though, R-410A does not have a global-warming future, its decreased power usage helps it to produce minimum global warming gases than R-22.  at present, in the United States, all window and central unit air conditioners and heat pumps use R-410A.

Recharging Your Refrigerant

It’s beneficial for you to recruit a professional technician to assist you with your pump repairs due to that dripping refrigerant.  This is so you can have the right blend and your system can function efficiently. Contact Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for all your air conditioner maintenance.