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What is Heating and Cooling?

heating and cooling - air conditioning for homeHeating and cooling is an important process for HVAC owners to understand. There are three fundamental features of any heating and cooling system: the source of hot or cold air, a distribution mechanism, and a way to control the system. In many homes, the distribution mechanisms and controls will be the same, but the heating and cooling sources will be different. The most common scenario involves using a thermostat to monitor the system and ductwork to distribute the air, which is heated by a furnace or cooled by an air conditioner. Furnaces run on gas, whereas air conditioners typically use electricity.

Alternatively, some systems use a heat pump—a single machine capable of both heating and cooling air. Heat pumps are electrically powered, and transfer heat from one area to another. In the summer, they pull heat from inside your home and move it outdoors, whereas in winter they pull heat from the air outside and move it into your home to keep you warm. Accurately identifying the source(s) of heating and cooling in your home will help you understand how to make the best use of your system, and find quality service for it at all times.

How to Ensure a Quality Heating and Cooling Experience

heating and cooling systemsA quality heating and cooling experience comes down to two primary factors: whether your system provides adequate climate control, and whether it can continue to run efficiently over extended periods of time. While the first of these criteria can be measured subjectively according to your comfort, the second may require some legwork. One easy way to measure your air conditioner’s efficiency is by using a thermometer. After 15 minutes of running the unit, place a thermometer on the closest supply register to the cooling unit inside your home, and another on the return vent. 5 minutes later, check the temperature on each. If the air coming out is not between 14 and 20 degrees cooler than the air going in, your unit may be running with leaks or blockages. These problems can drive up your utility bills by making your unit use too much electricity, and can also result in damage to your system that can be costly to fix.

Why we Use Carrier Heating and Cooling Systems

Carrier Heating and Cooling offers an extensive network of dealers who can provide quality replacement parts to users all over the country, and is well known for the longevity of their products. Combining high quality with availability ensures that customers who use Carrier products will spend less money replacing them, and less time searching for ways to do so. Furthermore, Carrier dealers are trained to have extensive knowledge of their products, allowing for in-depth troubleshooting and detail-oriented tech support. We recommend Carrier Heating and Cooling products to most our customers so that they’ll always have access to solutions compatible with their systems.

Critical Aspects of Heating and Cooling Repair

cooling repairAny HVAC contractor you hire should have detailed knowledge of your system’s most important parts. These include the ductwork, refrigerant, filters, condenser coil, and diffusers. Problems with any of these parts can threaten the efficiency of your unit, increasing operating costs and raising the risk of incurring significant one-time expenses via a system failure. It’s also important that your HVAC contractor is up to date regarding efficiency regulations so that your system will perform according to the correct legal standards well into the future.

Selecting a Heating and Cooling Company

All heating and cooling companies will use different approaches, and their rates will vary depending on the job at hand. Because of this, it’s important to do some comparison shopping before choosing an HVAC contractor in your area. The process for hiring a heating and cooling company should involve several steps before signing any agreement. First, check to make sure the company you’re considering is licensed to operate in your area. Then contact them and describe your problem in as much detail as you possibly can. To do this, you’ll need to know some basic details about your system, including what kind of sources you use for the heating and cooling processes. Once they give you a quote, call other companies in your area and compare the results.

Valley Comfort Heating and Air

Valley Comfort Heating and Air offers some of the best climate control technology available anywhere in the Santa Rosa and Napa Valley areas. A family owned and operated business, Valley Comfort Heating and Air focuses on integrity, reliability, and providing high quality service to every client. Installations, routine care, and 24-7 emergency service are all overseen by licensed and highly trained professional technicians, who also provide excellent customer service and offer flexible payment options. Valley Comfort Heating and Air is also an authorized dealer of Carrier products but is available to work on air conditioners of all kinds.