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Cutting down on home expense is every homeowner’s dream. Making the right choice when it comes to AC repair versus AC installation can help you make this dream a reality.  You certainly have to know when its time to replace that old air conditioner with a new one. Having a new air conditioner installed when the old one is not working up to par is certainly an option worth considering. You may ask yourself, why do I need to purchase a new air conditioner in order to save money? But, there are a number of reasons why your old air conditioner can be an expense to you.

Are Repairs Really Worth It?

AC-Repair-Versus-New-AC-Installation-valley-comfort-heating-and-air-CALiving with the possibility of a sudden breakdown can be annoying.  If you are investing in repairs time and time again then its time to stop, as you are just relying on a unit that is not all that reliable. A new component or a small repair may not do the trick because of the synchronization that is required with all the parts that operate within the unit. The contemporary components may repair the issue at hand, but the air conditioner can malfunction after a short period of time.  This can be the case especially if the system is over 10 years. Hence the more reason for advising that repairs may not make the air conditioner more productive.

How Efficient is Your AC Unit?

Efficiency is what we all expect especially when we are forced to dig into our pockets.  Spending money on something that is useless is certainly not a wise decision.  Just know that the productivity levels of your AC unit will decline as it gets older and this will be noticed as it shows sure signs of wear and tear.  Having expert maintenance is definitely required, but you should know when this phase has passed and its time to move onto a newer system.

There are stern federal requirements as it relates to the productivity and maintenance of air conditioners in California.  Contemporary air conditioners that are installed correctly and are the right size for your home should cost less money to operate than an old and damaged air conditioner. Carrier air conditioners are our suggestion for anyone seeking to improve the cooling system within their home. This move can guarantee homeowners hundreds of dollars in savings yearly.

Enjoy the rest of summer in an environment that is cool and comfortable. You can now use the extra cash saved on taking a vacation or buying yourself a whole new wardrobe.  Enjoy the benefits and contact us on how you can get started.