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Have you ever really questioned whether whatever ‘facts’ you know about your Air Conditioner is actually true or not? The truth is that there are plenty of myths surrounding home cooling and air conditioning, so its high time you debunk those air conditioning myths!

The very first myth surrounding ACs that should be busted is that ACs generate fresh air. In reality, these electronic devices do not create, let in or generate fresh air. On the contrary, it simply cools or refrigerates the air that is already present inside the room. Thus, hot air gets sucked into the AC, goes through different processes in the compressor and condenser coil, gets cooled and is then expelled from the device and propelled into the room.

The second AC myth is that if you want to cool your room faster then you should lower the temperature on the device. This couldn’t be further than the truth because by lowering the temperature, you will make the air conditioner work harder and consume more energy. Besides, when the AC cools too much, it will not run very efficiently. Therefore, if you want your AC to cool your room faster then simply switch on the fan so that it can aid in air circulation instead of your AC having to circulate the air in the room all by itself.

The third popular myth is that setting a low temperature on the AC would decrease humidity. This is definitely not true. When the environment is humid, humans sweat in order to stay cool and comfortable. Therefore, instead of decreasing the temperature, which does nothing to the humidity, one should use the ‘Dry’ mode button on the AC remote. This will cause the AC fan to run slower, thus the evaporator coil would be cooler and the AC will blow out dry air, which will not dehumidify the room completely but will reduce the moisture significantly.

The next myth is that one does not need to check the AC unless there is some problem with it. This is a very bad practice and should be done away with because regular maintenance and care will actually help your AC last longer and perform better!

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