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HVAC systems are critical when the temperature outside is unbearable. To obtain the ideal environment, heating and cooling components work to establish a perfect indoor space. As with any mechanical object, such as manufacturing machinery or automobiles, it requires regular servicing and maintenance to ensure it operates at maximum capacity throughout its existence. The same principle applies to your heating and cooling systems. Because they’re used – in some cases all year round- HVAC maintenance is critical for efficient service through its years of operation. 


The Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance 

While HVAC maintenance is common knowledge, less than half of building managers perform routine servicing of their HVAC systems. The benefits of conducting proper maintenance of your heating and cooling components are numerous. 

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Save Money

Operating your HVAC system without scheduled maintenance is dangerous as you run the risk of a complete breakdown. As a result, you’d have to pay for costly repairs or worse, replace the entire system. Maintaining the system reduces the possibility of a breakdown by 90 percent. 

A well-serviced system operates at maximum efficiency and according to the US Department of Energy reduces your energy bill by up to 30 percent. 

Similar to how we visit the doctor annually to ensure all our organs are functioning correctly, thus enabling us to live longer, your HVAC system requires the same attention from a qualified contractor. Regular servicing extends the years of operation from your HVAC, eliminating the need to spend on a new system. 

Individual HVAC components cost a fortune and to remain under the manufacturer’s warranty requires proof of annual maintenance. Failure to stick to a maintenance plan may result in enormous costs for components that breakdown which would otherwise be covered by the warranty.  


Air Quality

You’re dependent on the HVAC system to pump cold or warm air into your home. However, you may take the quality for granted. We share our space with several allergens such as dust, mold, mites, and pollen which the HVAC system removes from the indoors. However, if you do not ensure proper maintenance, the air pumping through your vents may not be cleaned and filtered. 

Furthermore, preventative maintenance such as duct cleaning is essential to the even distribution of treated air. Proper service will negate any noise or smells from the system. 


Protect Your Home

Unfortunately, your home can’t accompany you on vacation. Perhaps, you’ve left for the winter, and a freak storm affects your home. In the case of the heating system breaking down, the components inside your house are exposed to extreme conditions and may result in further problems. 


Being Green

There’s no doubt that our collective contribution to the Earth has resulted in climate change. To reduce your effect on the environment, regular maintenance of your HVAC system reduces its consumption of fuel. Furthermore, the refrigerant you use is crucial to protecting the planet, and only a professional contractor is certified to explain the differences to you. 

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The Components

One of the critical parts of an air conditioner is the filter. Over time, filters become dirty and eventually clogged. As a result, the air that does manage to pass through carries dirt to the evaporator coil, affecting its ability to withdraw heat. You can save up to 15 percent energy consumption with clean filters. 

The coils will still collect dust and dirt even if you regularly replace the filters. Hence the need to check the coil every year and replace it if required. Condenser coils that are situated on the outside are more exposed to dirt than the ones on the interior. It’s your job to trim foliage and ensure nothing encroaches on the evaporator coil. 

Aluminum fins are sometimes bent and block the flow of air which a ‘fin comb’ can help resolve. Additionally, ensure the seals between the windows and the air conditioner are firm and tight. 


HVAC Maintenance Programs

Instead of hiring several HVAC contractors for maintenance or repair visits, there is the option of entering a contract to conduct your servicing. These usually entail three types of agreements: 

  • The contractor conducts annual or semi-annual checks on your HVAC system. They will check, clean and adjust the necessary components. 
  • The planned maintenance visits are covered, including unplanned repairs. 
  • The last type of contract covers the labor costs for maintenance and repair visits, including the cost of individual parts. 

Engaging in a maintenance contract ensures you get priority service in the event of a breakdown, your preventative servicing is taken care of, and you’re insured against considerable repairs. You should consider your needs and decide on whether entering a contract for HVAC maintenance is a great deal for you. Inspect the contract you’re about to enter and determine if it is worth signing. Bear in mind all the expense that you’re saving and those that are excluded. 



Similar to a maintenance plan for a vehicle, you should invest in one for your HVAC system. You don’t want to be stuck with a system that doesn’t work in the middle of winter with a larger bill for repairs or replacement. Take care of the HVAC system every year, and you will receive a significant return on your investment.