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Just like any other piece machinery, your air conditioner has to be maintained for it to function properly. Investing in air conditioner service and maintenance can ensure that your unit has a long service life and performs well over the course of its lifespan.

Benefits of Regular Air Conditioner Service and Maintenance

Proper air conditioner service and maintenance can decrease the strain on your air conditioner. A good air conditioner service and inspection routine will keep your unit from working too hard and from wearing out quickly after installation.  Reduce the amount of work that your air conditioner has to do with steps like:

  • Changing Filters
    This reduces the buildup of dust and debris on coils and other parts, which can lead to a break down. Because a dirty coil’s ability to do its job is reduced, your system has to work harder to move air and keep your home cool.
  • Inspecting for Leaks in Air Ducts
    If cool air is escaping from leaks in your ductwork, your system will have to work harder to keep your home at the desired temperature.
  • Cleaning the Outdoor Unit
    The area immediately around the outdoor unit (the condenser) should be kept clear, but the unit itself should also be cleaned. As a part of your air conditioner service and maintenance routine, you should wash any leaves and dirt from your condenser using a garden hose and a broom.
  • Keeping the Outdoor Unit Cool
    Shrubs or small trees maybe planted in the vicinity of your condenser however shield it from the sun. Another option is to install an awning above the unit. These steps can keep it cool and reduce its workload.

The less work that your air conditioner has to do, the longer its service life will be.

  • Help with the Identification of Malfunctioning Parts
    By having a professional handle your air conditioner service and maintenance needs, faulty components can be discovered before they cause a major malfunction. An air conditioner service and maintenance professional can replace pumps, belts and filters so that your unit can run efficiently for a long time. Having a maintenance plan in place can therefore lengthen your unit’s lifespan.
  • Give Your System a Break
    The installation of a programmable thermostat is actually a maintenance step that can keep your air conditioner from running when it does not have to be. With a programmable thermostat, you can set the temperature in your home to a comfortable level when you are home and to a higher one when you are away. During the summer, a higher temperature will require your air conditioner to perform less work thus preventing the wear and tear that will shorten its lifespan.

By maintaining your air conditioner, you can help it to keep your home cool for many years. Valley Comfort Heating and Air can help you to keep your unit running efficiently with scheduled inspections and cleaning. We will also help you to find a new air conditioner when the time comes.