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A furnace is a heating system that can be found in the home which works efficiently and affordability to heat the home. Home owners need to be sure to take care of their furnace system so the unit can continue to work dependably. One way to make sure a unit will continue to last for many years to come is to clean the furnace regularly. Below is a step by step guide to cleaning a furnace system. Follow the guide to keep your unit in proper working order.

Tools You Will Need
Scrub brush/old toothbrush
Cotton swabs
Preparing the unit

To get your unit ready for cleaning, the power will need to be shut off. The breaker switch can be shut off so the unit can be safe to clean. For complete safety reasons, the breaker needs to be turned off as well as the pilot light. Make sure both are off for maximum safety.


Now you are ready to vacuum. Take the attachment and vacuum the interior of the unit. Be careful of wiring inside the unit as you vacuum. You can also use an old toothbrush or a small scrub brush to remove any dust or dirt that has built up inside the unit. Be sure to vacuum again to remove any loosen dirt or particles.


Now you can clean the blower assembly. Use the toothbrush again as well as the cotton swabs. Use the soft bristles and small swabs to remove any dirt or build-up from the surface of the assembly. Be aware and careful around the blower fins of the unit.

You will also need to clean the vents. Take the furnace filters out of the unit and replace the filters if they are in need of replacement. If you have a permanent filter, you can use your vacuum to remove build-up such as dust and dirt.

Putting It Back Together

Now you are ready to put the furnace back together. Replace the filters and safety covers you may have removed. Make sure all connections are still in place and are in good condition. Finally replace the front panel and get the unit ready for heating.

Now turn the power back on and run the unit for a few minutes to be able to see that the unit is working well. If you smell any burning or unusual smells, shut the furnace off and call a heating professional. Take the time to care for your unit and seek help when needed so that your unit can continue to provide you with a comfortable environment. Cleaning your unit is a great way for the furnace to work well and provide the comfort that you need.