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As much as we would desire it so, heating and cooling systems do not function perfectly forever. Thus when repair is required you want to be sure you are getting the service you deserve. Scanning through endless pages of business ads doesn’t exactly point you in the right direction and a wrong choice can transform a simple fix to a multi-visit disaster. Here we have provided a handful of important tips that can help you find an HVAC service expert to handle your problem as efficiently as possible.

HVAC Service

Only accept certified HVAC service providers

Certification is the first sign that a company legitimately knows their line of business and the requirements to perform repairs safely and effectively. If no certification is mentioned be sure to ask for the name of the certification authority. NATE certification is a highly regarded certification agency with knowledge based testing. Diamond certification for local Californian companies is another sign your repair needs are in the right hands.

Wide range of HVAC service and brand experience

Feel free to ask basic questions to make sure you are getting an experienced technician. No one should feel insulted when asked how many years experience on the job they have. Many HVAC service companies have a favorite brand they prefer or partner with but they should always be knowledgeable about most makes and models. Proper training doesn’t just cover one type of appliance, so a lack of willingness to service many common models is a red flag for poor experience. You may feel more comfortable hiring a brand specific technician for your appliances and that can be great, but frequently more expensive.

Ask for references

This should go without saying but a high quality HVAC servicer should readily provide references when you call if asked. References from other businesses are a big plus as this work is often more involved than residential servicing. If you would rather not do the asking, do your research via Google or Yelp reviews and look for written reviews and star levels. Avoid using the site’s own list of reviews as your only source.

Licensed, bonded and insured

This is one area you can not and should not budge on when it comes to locating the ideal HVAC service technician. This triple layer of protection is beyond useful for all types of work whether residential or commercial. In a perfect world there are no mistakes, but bonding and insurance are there for the moments when things are determined to not go as planned. Don’t settle for an HVAC service technician who at the bare minimum is not licensed and insured.

Locating the ideal HVAC service expert is something you preferably have had done before a problem arises. When calamity strikes suddenly however, you may need a few tips to help you know where to look. Believe it or not some things are far more important than price, and settling for low cost work could just mean repeat visits in the future. Keep in mind the clear red flags when looking for an HVAC service technician, your wallet and appliances will thank you.  Contact us for more information.