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Whether you are dealing with weird furnace noises that you want to have checked out or have noticed an unexplained uptick in your heating bills, calling an HVAC technician to look at your furnace or heating system is probably a good idea. Annual heater checkups and repairs are smart for any homeowner and can help avoid unexpected outages during the cold winter months. When it comes time to schedule a heater repair in Santa Rosa, though, it’s essential to find an HVAC technician who you can trust to deliver quality service. This blog post will highlight tips that you can use to hire the best company for the job.


Tips for Finding the Best Heater Repair in Santa Rosa

  1. Take heed of certifications: You don’t want someone poking around your furnace if they don’t have any training, experience, or relevant knowledge. Paying attention to certifications when you hire an HVAC technician will ensure that you are getting a qualified person to help you with your heating (and cooling) needs.

  2. Read customer reviews: Do you want to know what it will be like to work with an HVAC company for heater repair in Santa Rosa? Read the company’s customer reviews. Seeing what customers have to say about the company or HVAC technician will tell you a lot. Does the company have a track record for delivering quality services? Is the technician respectful of customers’ time? How responsive and timely is the company—especially when dealing with emergency requests? Does the company charge fair rates for repairs or maintenance? Reading through reviews from past customers will answer all or most of these questions.

  3. Look for versatility: In most cases, a heating repair company will be an HVAC repair company. These technicians are qualified not only to service and fix furnaces and other heating systems, but can also work on air conditioning units, ducts, and other elements of your home’s HVAC system. Finding a versatile company won’t necessarily matter right away if you are singularly focused on getting your heater fixed. Eventually, though, it will pay off to have a company you can always call when HVAC problems arise.

  4. Ask for a price quote: A reputable HVAC company should be willing to come to your home, inspect your heater, and give you a quote for a repair. With price quotes, you can shop around and compare prices with other contractors, if you wish to do so. Most contractors will charge for diagnostic work, even if you don’t choose to work with them. However, you should always receive a price quote and the option to move forward before your technician goes ahead with any actual repair work.  

  5. Consider a company that is family owned and operated: There is a reason businesses that are family owned and operated advertise that fact so prominently. Family owned businesses are typically acclaimed for providing friendly and personalized service. Especially when it comes to HVAC repairs, this type of service can be a great comfort. To have your furnace or HVAC system repaired, you need to welcome a technician into your home—often for hours at a time. Knowing that this person will be friendly and respectful to you, your family and your home is worth a few extra dollars. Since family-owned businesses are often smaller than corporate juggernauts, they can pay more attention to the little details that define excellent customer service.

  6. Know that the company can provide a heater replacement if you need one: Ideally, your HVAC technician will be able to figure out what is wrong with your heating system and fix it quickly. In some cases, though, it may prove that your heater is beyond help. In such cases, it’s good to know that you are working with an HVAC repair company that can also help you with replacing your system. Having multiple points of contact is confusing and typically adds time, extra house visits, and additional expense to the process of getting your house heated again. When you choose your HVAC technician, pick someone who also offers heating system replacements. That way, if your system does prove to be at the end of its life, your technician can pivot effortlessly from focusing on repair to thinking about a replacement.
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Start Your Search Today!

If you think that your furnace or home heating system needs repair, don’t delay! Instead, start searching for an HVAC repair technician ASAP. The sooner you get the issue diagnosed and fixed, the better chance you have of avoiding a total outage. Fixing problems with your furnace sooner rather than later will also often result in less costly repairs. Simply put, a heater repair in Santa Rosa is an urgent issue. Use the tips above to find a company or technician that can give this pressing issue the attention, skill, and friendly service it deserves.