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The average person has no idea when his HVAC system should be fully replaced or repaired. HVAC machines are quite complex. Hardly anyone outside of the experts knows when HVAC systems have “hit the fritz” and when a repair is the most prudent option. However, there are some specific signs that it is time to reach out to the heating contractors for a new heating and cooling system.

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A Seemingly Never-Ending Stream of Repairs

If your heating and cooling system has a series of breakdowns there is no point in paying for repeated repairs. However, if these repairs are extremely minor and cheap, a full replacement might not be necessary. If the repairs cost several hundred dollars and occur within a month or two of one another, consider reaching out the heating contractors for a new system. It just might save you a ton of money over the long haul.

An Antiquated HVAC System Should be Replaced

It is certainly possible for a furnace or air conditioner to function for a couple decades. However, once the system reaches the 15-year mark, it is time to consider contacting the heating contractors for a replacement. Make the investment in a new system now and you won’t have to worry about the system giving out in the dead of the winter or the dog days of summer. Opt for an energy efficient model with the ENERGY STAR label. This environmentally friendly unit has the potential to save you hundreds of dollars in utility costs each year.

Warm and Cool Air Dispersed in an Uneven Manner

If your HVAC system emits air at differing temperatures throughout your living space, there is likely a major problem. You should not have to live in a home where one room is significantly warmer or colder than others. Invest in a new heating and cooling system that emits air in a uniform manner and you will be able to relax regardless of which room you spend time in.

A Noisy System

The typical HVAC unit will make some minor noise when it turns on and operates. However, if this noise becomes egregiously loud or odd-sounding, something has gone wrong. There could be an issue with the duct system. Maybe the coil is on its last legs. Though a temporary repair might remedy the issue, it is a better idea to replace the system with a new one that is guaranteed to function without flaw for years.

Air That is Neither Cool or Warm

In some instances, malfunctioning HVAC equipment emits air that is neither hot or cool. This is a telltale sign that it is time to replace the unit. Have the heating contractors install a new system in your home and you will be inundated with warm or cold air exactly as you desire.

High Energy Bills

Take a close look at your energy bills over the past couple of years. Do you notice a considerable rise in cost? If so, it is a red flag that something might be seriously wrong with your HVAC system. Pony up for a new furnace or central air conditioner and you will enjoy a highly efficient machine that decreases your utility bills without delay.

Our HVAC Experts are Here in Your Time of Need

If you notice any of the red flags described above, contact us right away. We will examine your system and determine if a full replacement really is the best option. You can trust our team of HVAC gurus to perform a flawless install that keeps your living space at the perfect temperature for years to come. Contact us for more information.