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We all know that increased humidity levels can be very bothersome and in some instances fatal. Hot summer weather provide the perfect atmosphere for this increase to take place.  It is your duty as a homeowner to protect the lives of your loved ones by installing and maintaining an AC system in your home. Sometimes humidity can be more threatening than mere heat.  Giving you more reasons to consider the services and products offered by Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning.

 Humidity - Control - and -Your - AC - valley -comfort - heating - and - air - conditioning - CAAC Units Are Humidity Fighters

Air conditioning can assist in reducing humidity levels.  One known fact to assist this claim, is that within the AC unit’s system, there is an extremely cold evaporator coil that stores water vapor from the air, as warm and humid air exhales over it.  After this phase water compresses on the cold coil and runs into a drainage system below.  Consequently, humidity levels are decreased in the air thus creating conditions for you to feel more comfortable.

What Not To Do

When wanting to manage humidity through the use of your air conditioner, you would need to turn down the temperature on the thermostat.  This can be a major problem as your air conditioner would need to operate for longer periods.

You should never have to run your air conditioner for a tremendous amount of time in order to achieve the desired levels of cool air. This can contribute to premature wear and tear thus leaving you with increased electricity bills.

Bryant Bypass Humidifier – The Solution

If your air conditioner is not doing a great job managing humidity levels, then you would need to get a Bryant Bypass humidifier for your system.  This will also allow you to save some cash.  Even though, the humidifier uses energy too, it still utilizes less energy than your air conditioning system. Consequently, you will discover that you may operate your air conditioner less often due to this addition. It is also important to know that you can amplify your thermostat temperature so that your humidifier can function. Contact us for more information.