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Don’t you just hate it when your heating system leaves you hanging when you really need it most? Imagine it’s a blizzard and your heating system goes off and just won’t restart. This can become quite frustrating especially if you don’t know the cause. If this happens then you certainly need the help of an expert HVAC technician.  A technician would be able to examine the reason for the shut down and present a solution to the issue.  You might be a novice and really need the extra advice.

Is Your Heating System Shutting Down?Here are five of the most general problems that may be preventing your heating system from working the way it should.  Some of them you might be able to fix yourself, but then there are others that will require the assistance of a professional technician. Let’s take a look.

  • Thermostat Setting: This may sound foolish, but did you examine your thermostat?  It is good to verify that no one has activated the cooling mode or “fan only” mode.
  • Electrical Problems: If your heating system shuts down entirely, it can be your circuit breaker that has tripped.  Before you consult with your technician ensure that you reset your switch.
  • Gas Valve Issues:  In order to obtain fuel the gas valve should be open. If you are having difficulty with positioning then consult with a professional.
  • Broken Heating Element: This is a greater issue that is found within your heating system that can be very difficult to resolve such as a faulty heating element or gas igniter.  Any problems you are experiencing with your heating system should be handled by your professional technician, for your safety.
  • Closed Vents: If only one or two rooms are not getting the heat required, then you should check to see if the vents are closed.  We would also suggest that you do not close the vents, so that you can suitably control the airflow.

Why sit and wonder the cause when you can have a technician fix the problem right away.  This will save you the stress of having to function without your heating system- which can be quite uncomfortable during winter.

Contact us at Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning. Our team can handle any heating problem no matter how complex it may seem.  Place you heating system in the right hands and feel confident that it will be up and running in no time.