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The efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system is very important. It should be a top priority of every homeowner to keep their HVAC system in top running condition. To remain comfortable in the warm and cool months, a heating and cooling system must be able to provide the comfort needed. If a HVAC system is not maintained then it will not remain efficient. To keep your system as reliable as possible, use the tips below.

It is important to replace your furnace filter every ninety days. You will need to replace your filter with a one inch pleated filter to keep your system running smoothly. Pets will cause a homeowner to have to replace their filter more than the standard ninety day period. Pet hair can clog a filter quicker than usual. These filters range from $10 and higher.

Be sure to keep a good amount of clearance around the area of your outdoor unit. Air conditioning units outside as well as heat pumps will need at least two feet of space around them to be clear.

Homeowners will also need to take time to clean up debris from their outdoor systems. Heat pumps as well as air conditioner units can collect debris rather quickly. Be sure to always remove fallen branches and leaves to keep your system running smoothly.

On a monthly basis, homeowners need to be sure to inspect their refrigerant lines that lead into the home. These lines must remain insulated so homeowners will need to replace any missing or damaged lines. Also make sure to check that the ground remains level around your outdoor units. This will help retain the integrity of the unit.

Once a year, homeowners can pour bleach on the condensate drain. This will help prevent algae and mold from building up on the drain. If the drain gains mold or algae, the drain can clog, which will cause problems with the system.

During the summer months, homeowners can shut off their water supply to the humidifier on their furnace. Then in the fall, the humidifier wick filter can be replaced and the water supply turned on. Also be sure to keep most of your home registers open. If more than 20% of your registers are cut off, this could cause your unit to work overtime, which will cause strain on the system.

Take the time each spring to wash and dry your filters as well as clean off your vacuum condenser coils from your window units if this applies.