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You probably started your day by cleaning up spilled glasses, rushing your boys to school, managing finances, returning calls, and trying to invent a day with 48 hours. But face the hard fact, you certainly don’t have desire or time to go through the drudgery of maintaining your water heater system. Ice maker cleaning isn’t even on your radar. Who thinks about the possibility of electrical panel overload until it happens? And yet when there’s a crisis – – – it’s not just a reality, but also your PRIORITY! Contact a HVAC service expert to get your system functioning perfectly.

HVAc Service ExpertKnowing When You Have The Right HVAC Service Expert

It’s important to know the right person to call BEFORE things get out of hand. But what if you don’t have anyone to call for your HVAC service?  Use these hot tips to find the right HVAC company that you can depend on for years to come.

1. Licensure: Most states require a contractor to have a license. For contractors to be licensed they must pass some written exams and meet minimum on-the-job experience and education requirements. If your state doesn’t require licensing, check if there are formal complainant filed against the HVAC service expert you are considering.

2. Bonding: Surety bond cushion you the moment a deal goes sour as well as offer financial insurance in case the agreement goes wrong.

3. Insurance: Do the HVAC service expert have liability and work compensation insurance? HVAC service provider should be insured. Insurance will protect both of you in the case of an injury.

4. Experience: Experience enables the HVAC service expert to solve complex issues. Choose a contractor who has a rich track record of quality work.

5. Pricing: Do not compromise quality just because you are getting lower prices. Shop around, compare prices and settle for a contractor who promises the greatest value.

6. Warranty: Choose the HVAC service provider who provides a guarantee of at least 60 days of his work. A contractor who has complete confidence in his work will make you feel secure with a solid warranty.

7. References:

Word of mouth – An HVAC service expert who willing to provide you with references from his past customers is the best choice.

Internet – With certain keywords such as ‘HVAC service’ you will find people with both great and poor experience with HVAC service experts. Better Business Bureau, Google Business Pages, and Facebook are also great places to find both positive and negative reviews. Follow the link to view our excellent reviews.

8. Contract: Don’t rely on verbal promises. Request all bids and quotes to be returned in formal writing so that you can keep all records for future use. Before you ascend your signature make sure the papers contains:

  • Project completion deadline
  • Payment due dates
  • A thorough breakdown of equipment and labor cost
  • All details about when the HVAC service expert will perform the work


It is important for you to follow all the suggestions above to make the best choice and save yourself time and money. Contact us at Valley Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning for more valuable advice and service.