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Ever found yourself wondering: My AC is running, so why is my house still hot? Maintaining the ideal temperature in your home can be pretty challenging despite having an HVAC system. Many factors and variables can negatively affect the optimal functioning of even the best air conditioning systems. Therefore, the ease at which you can control the temperature in your home or office.

Suppose you are having trouble keeping the temperature in your home under control even though your AC is running. In that case, you will need to investigate what is hindering the efficacy of the system. Causes can vary from technical or electrical factors causing the system to operate at a diminished capacity to certain inevitable environmental factors that you have no control over.


Environmental Causes

California is known the world over for its beautiful sunny weather. We tend to take full advantage of this, building homes to make maximum use of our stunning natural light, with lots of windows and even skylights to let the light in. Who wants to live in a perpetually dark and broody home only illuminated by electrical light anyway?

While having access to all that natural light is a definite plus, it can have consequences for your AC system. All those windows let the light in, but it also lets the sun’s heat in and can significantly decrease the efficacy of your HVAC system. There is also not much one can do about it, except for closing curtains and ensuring your AC system is powerful enough to counter this phenomenon.

Another solution is to install small ductless AC units in those rooms that you use most frequently, to act as a support system to your regular AC system, bolstering the system’s efficacy in certain rooms.


Other Factors

Of course, before taking such extreme measures, you should always make sure that your existing HVAC system is working correctly. Once again, several factors can negatively impact the optimal functionality of your air conditioning system. Instead of worrying about these yourself, it may be a good idea to get a professional HVAC company to conduct a comprehensive examination of your system to determine if it is working correctly.


Appropriate System

Whether you had the HVAC system in your house installed or it came with the house, the point of departure should always be to determine whether the system installed is adequate for the home. The choice of air conditioner is determined not only by the size of the house, the number of rooms and room sizes but also by factors such as windows and sun exposure.

An installation that does not take these factors into account may result in you ending up with an AC system that fails to achieve the ideal indoor temperatures at certain times of the year.

In addition to maintaining temperature, HVAC systems also control the amount of moisture in the air. Even if your system adequately cools the home, too much humidity in the air could result in you feeling sweaty and clammy.


Circulation and Ventilation

If there is not enough circulation in your home, the air conditioning system will not circulate cool air through your home adequately. Ceiling fans and strategically placed portable fans will help your systems effectively distribute cool air to where it needs to be.

Inadequate ventilation can also cause your home to retain heat despite a working HVAC system. If you cannot release the warm air effectively, it may result in a build-up of heat in some regions of the home and the impeded efficacy of your AC system. Regular inspection and cleaning of your AC’s ducts should take care of this problem.


Repair and Maintenance

As with anything, to ensure the long-term optimal functionality of your AC system, it must be regularly inspected and maintained. Regardless of the type of air conditioning system installed in your house, there are specific tasks that must be performed from time to time, which not only maximises its longevity but ensures that the system performs as intended.

The regular cleaning of filters, removing any debris from outside fixtures, and keeping the exterior and coils clean is essential to the continued optimal performance of your AC System.

The regular checking and cleaning of ducts to ensure there are no blockages or leakages will also significantly contribute to the long-term wellbeing of your HVAC system. It is highly recommended that you have your vents professionally inspected and cleaned at least every one to two years to ensure the lasting efficacy of your home AC system.



Ever had to ask yourself: My AC is running, so why is my house still hot? Now you know what to do about it. Using a professional HVAC supply and installation company is the best way to avoid dealing with these issues.